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Looking for Nike glasses with the latest styles from the popular sports apparel brand? Everywhere you look you will see the Nike check mark on stylish sportswear and their glasses are no exception. And just like their other apparel, you can trust Nike frames to work for you both on and off the field. Order today from Marvel Optics and get your favorite pair with your prescription and customized to fit all your needs.

Trendsetting Style

Nike glasses come in many different styles, up to date on the latest trends. Depending on your preferences and what glasses look good on your face, you can browse through the different frames and find ones you like. If you prefer sleeker, more athletic looking frames, Nike has great options for this kind of look. Or, if you like modern looking frames with bigger lenses, you will be able to find great sports glasses like this.

Perfect On and Off the Field

Whether you are playing in your softball league, keeping up with your friends playing tennis or focused behind a desk, Nike glasses are there for you. Reliable and tough, find a pair of Nike glasses that is perfect for your lifestyle. Check out the listed activities on each pair of glasses. While you can do way more with your glasses than what is listed, you will find a great pair matching your needs.

Customization Optics from Marvel Optics

When you order from Marvel Optics you can get your Nike prescription glasses customized to fit your exact needs. Besides adding your prescription, you can customize the features of your lenses, like their thickness or the safety features included. Ordering is easy, just follow the step by step customization process and input your prescription. You can either take a picture or input it manually.


How do I order prescription Nike glasses?

Marvel Optics makes it easy to order your prescription glasses. If you need help understanding your prescription, check out our helpful guide. You can also take a picture of your prescription and upload it. Simply follow the customization process and select all the lens feature that match your prescription. Then enter your prescription when prompted.

What kinds of lenses are available with Nike glasses?

Your glasses can come with single vision, multi-focal, reading or non-prescription lenses. Available with prescription lenses, you can select Premium Digital Lens (HD) for the highest quality optics in terms of clarity, made with more advanced and precise tools than normal lenses. Multi-focal prescriptions can choose between progressive and bifocal lenses, whichever you prefer.

How do I measure my pupillary distance?

Pupillary distance is the measurement of distance between your pupils. You can measure this at home, but check prescription if it is listed there first. It is helpful to have someone measure your PD for you, but you can do it your self. Follow along with our guide on measuring your pupillary distance for accurate results.

What safety features can I add to my lenses?

There are many different packages of safety features you can add to your lenses. You can get premium anti-reflective technology, UV protection, oil and fingerprint resistance, anti-fog (hydrophobic) lenses and several others. There are several package options for features, from Basic to Premium, or you can customize your package with the features you select.

What is digital screen protection?

Digital screen protection is a safety feature added to your lenses that filters blue light from computer and smartphone screens. These harmful rays can cause eye strain and damage your eyes. Consider getting digital screen protection lenses if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or are concerned about light from your smartphone.


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