Prescription Skiing Goggles

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When skiing or snowboarding down snow-covered slopes, skiing goggles are essential for protecting your face from the elements and helping your eyes adjust to a snowy landscape. Being able to see the hill in front of you is essential for avoiding an accident when skiing, but without the proper eyewear, the reflection of sunlight off the snow can make it near impossible to see. For people who have poor vision, it can be uncomfortable to wear regular glasses underneath their goggles, which is where prescription skiing goggles come into play.

Choosing the Right Lenses

When shopping for prescription ski goggles, it is important to find lenses that are designed to minimize glare and increase contrast as you ski. Polarized lenses help reduce eye fatigue and increase visibility by blocking the glare that comes off the snow. Photochromic lenses adjust to changes in light conditions, helping you maintain optimal sight as you move through shady or bright areas. You also want to consider the color of your lenses depending on the weather outside. While darker tints have a low visible light transmission for sunny days, lighter lenses offer increased VLT which can help increase contrast on darker or overcast days.

Keeping Fog at Bay

Fogging is an issue for all types of snow sports and occurs due to warmth and moisture within the goggles meeting the colder surface of the lens. Reducing moisture within prescription skiing goggles is essential for clearly seeing the landscape in front of you. Look for eyewear treated with an anti-fog solution and proper ventilation to best combat perspiration building up on the inside of your lenses.