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Active kids can benefit from vision correction and sun protection. Kid’s prescription sports sunglasses achieve both with colorful, comfortable frames and lenses. No matter which sports or outdoor activities children participate in, prescription sunglasses help them stay in the game while limiting eye exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Durable Frame Materials

Sports frames for children are often made of plastic. Depending on the age of a child and the size of frames, several options may be available for finish and fit. Some kid’s sport sunglasses frames are lightweight and feature a rubberized finish with interior rubber protection. Most of these frames come in bold colors and a variety of shapes to make it easier to find the right active eyewear for any child.

Sports frames for kids may have other features suitable for an activity such as flexible hinges. Sunglasses in sizes ranging from extra small to a child large may also have silicone clips or hooks and come with an elastic band to allow for more secure wear and prevent damage or loss.

Prescription Lens Options

Kid’s prescription sunglasses are available with single vision or multifocal lenses. Provide the diopters of a prescription to customize eyewear that enhances vision for any sport. You should also check to see whether a particular frame style is compatible with a child’s prescription. The width of frames may also determine whether the pupillary distance of a wearer’s eyes will align with the optical center of lenses.

Lenses may be available with a standard, gradient or polarized tints. Choose a color that will improve visibility or correspond to the primary or accent colors of frames. Brown and gray tinting reduce brightness and glare while preserving accurate color perception. Other lens shades such as blue, green, purple, red or yellow may improve the perception of contrast under other conditions. Polarized or polarized mirrored lenses are ideal for activities involving snow or water.

Kid’s Prescription Sports Sunglasses FAQs

What are the most durable styles of kid’s prescription sports sunglasses?

Plastic frames can stand up to most of the challenges kids face on the court or field. For enhanced comfort, look for plastic frames that have a rubber finish and interior rubber protection. Styles that feature silicone hooks and an elastic band may also allow for a more secure fit.

Which kids’ sunglasses materials are best for sports?

Kids sunglasses for sports are available with plastic frames and lenses or lightweight metal frames with plastic lenses. The best frame material depends on a child’s preferences and activities. Plastic lenses are lighter than crown glass and are also less likely to shatter, making this lens type ideal for athletics.

Are high RX lenses available for kids’ sunglasses?

Some kid’s prescription sports sunglasses may be capable of accommodating high-power prescriptions. If a child needs high RX lenses, check to see whether the frames you are considering are compatible with his or her prescription. Plastic frames may be a better option than metal frames if thicker lenses are necessary.

Which lens tint colors are available for prescription sports sunglasses?

Customize sunglasses with standard, gradient, mirrored or polarized tints. The widest range of colors from grey and brown to green, blue, yellow, red and purple may be available as standard, gradient or mirrored tints. The shades of polarized or polarized mirrored tints are often limited to brown, gray or green.

What should I consider when shopping for sports sunglasses?

Start by checking the frame materials, size and dimensions. If a child already has a pair of standard eyeglasses, look for sunglasses frames with similar frame, lens and bridge width measurements. It can also be helpful to factor in lens height and temple length to achieve the most comfortable fit.


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