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While you may have a vision of how a child’s life should be, it’s important that he or she enjoys having a vision of their own. Milo & Me glasses are designed with your favorite kids in mind, providing corrective eyesight in a form that is fun and fashionable. Marvel Optics brings you a range of frames that are appropriate as your child’s first set of eyewear. There’s no fussing or complaining about glasses being uncool with these stylish specs.

Fun Frames for Every Child

When shopping for kids prescription glasses online, it’s important to find frames that fit. The last thing anyone wants is to order glasses that are too tight or too loose. Children generally like to move about and you need kids glasses that fit securely for all types of activities. Whether playing at the park or reading books in school, your child needs to be able to see properly. It’s also important that their eyewear is an expression of their budding sense of style.

When it comes to a child’s vision, lens types will vary according to their needs. From bifocals to single vision to progressive lines, there’s a pair that’s just right. You can even find Milo & Me glasses with non-prescription lenses so that all the kids can enjoy flexible, lightweight eyewear that emphasizes comfort and style. These glasses are built with your child in mind and designed to meet the rigors of their rough and tumble worlds. Mix and match frame shapes and colors for spectacles that are truly spectacular.

Affordable and Customizable Eyewear

Prescription eyewear is notorious for being expensive. Marvel Optics recognizes that kids are constantly growing and on the move. Full specifications for each design is provided to help you make an informed decision that you can be confident in. Customize the lens with features such as tinting or light adjustment for kids glasses that are as functional as your own.


How can I get free shipping with my order?

Shipping is free on all orders over $99. If you’re ordering kids prescription glasses online, you may be able to get free shipping on a single pair of glasses. We make it easy for you to see the changes in price as you add customizations for the lenses on your order.

How do I see which colors are available for a particular set of glasses?

For every pair of Milo & Me glasses, you can see the available colors in the drop down list when you go to the landing page for the design you’re interested in. As you select a color or color combo, you should see the image change to match your selection, so you can see what you’re ordering.

Which lens types are available?

On the landing page for each pair of kids glasses, you should see a heading to the lower right that says “lens type available.” This shows the various types of prescription lens available for a particular design. On the left side of the page, we show “additional information” to help you decide if this is the right set of frames for your child.

Where can I see the dimensions for a particular set of glasses?

The landing pages for each of our Milo & Me glasses include the frame dimensions under the “customize my lens” button. Orientation images are shown with the various dimensions of the frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width. Consult these measurements and check them to see if a particular set of frames is sized properly.

How can I see the price of the prescription lens?

Once you’ve selected a frame, click on the “Customize Lens” button. The price shown is the base price with non-prescription lens. As you select options for your lens, you should see prices for each option. The overall price of your frames changes along with each selection to help you gauge the price of kids prescription glasses online as you complete your order.


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