Sunglass Frame Type are a big factor in choosing the perfect look for your individual needs. Sunglass frames are grouped into three basic frame types: full-rimmed sunglasses, half-rimless sunglasses, and rimless sunglasses. Read below to learn more about each sunglasses frame type.


Full Rim Prescription Sunglasses

Full Rim Prescription Sunglasses are an all time classic. No matter the activity or use full rim sunglasses are always a styling hit. Also the full rim structure provides sturdiness to the overall frame and holds lens in place and covers your eyes from the tough and rugged outdoors. If you love hiking, biking, shooting and pretty much anything outdoors full rim prescription sunglasses are the way to go.

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Half Rim Prescription Sunglasses

If you love the mix of outdoor adventures with a splash of style then Half Rim Prescription Sunglasses are the perfect choice. If you need a pair of Sunglasses that you can use not only while running but also while attending a formal outdoor event then half rim sunglasses are the perfect choice. Half Rim Sunglasses have rim at the top that holds the lens and the bottom portion of the frame is exposed. These sunglasses are a great look for both men and women.

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Rimless Prescription Sunglasses

Rimless Prescription Sunglasses are subtle and perfect for formal settings. These no frame sunglasses have lens that directly connect to the temples and provide the bare look to keep the focus on your face. Even though the rimless prescription sunglasses may appear delicate, based on the frame material they can be extremely light weight and flexible. Some Rimless Sunglasses completely bend and fold in half for easy carrying.

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