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Hudson Optical has been in the business of making durable and comfortable eyewear for more than 50 years. The brand has shifted focus from fashion frames to safety glasses and now makes metal and plastic frames with ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings that also meet other leading safety standards. Whether you need eye protection on the job or for high-intensity sports, check out the leading styles of Hudson Optical safety glasses.

Premium Safety Eyewear

Eyewear designed to provide protection from impact hazards can also be flattering. Browse an assortment of metal and plastic frame styles to find glasses with the right profile and lens shape for your face. Metal frames may be more adjustable to achieve the most comfortable fit. Plastic frames are durable options and some styles are also non-conductive for electrical consideration.

The best safety eyewear provides physical eye protection while enabling you to see clearly. Hudson Optical prescription safety glasses combine impact-rated frames with shatterproof corrective lenses. Check to make sure that the diopters or power of your prescription are within the acceptable range for a particular pair of frames. Some frame styles specify compatibility with high RX prescriptions.

Stylish Frame Designs

While safety is the top priority for Hudson Optical, the brand still retains some of the distinctive features of its fashion eyewear origins. A variety of frame styles are available with colors and finishes to compliment any look. Shop for Hudson Optical safety frames based on material, the profile of frames or the shape of lenses. It is also a good idea to check the size and dimensions of eyewear to achieve the best fit.

The design of frames varies based on materials and features. Hudson Optical makes dual-color or wrap-around styles that have distinctive looks. The brand also offers perming side shields without rivets and other protective accessories. Some glasses may come with adjustable nose pads and rubber temples for enhanced comfort.

Hudson Optical™ Safety Glasses FAQs

Does Hudson Optical specialize in safety glasses?

Hudson Optical was founded over fifty years ago as a fashion eyewear brand. The company now makes safety eyewear for industrial and athletic applications. Metal and plastic frames strike a good balance between comfort and style. This eye protection is easy to wear and promotes worker compliance with safety regulations.

What are some unique features of Hudson Optical glasses ?

This brand was among the first to make frames with spring hinges. These mechanisms make it easier for frames to remain in place and reliably provide a close fit. Standard hinges also fit comfortably and provide superior protection. Some frame designs feature perming side shields to provide enhanced lateral protection.

What are the options for Hudson Optical frame materials?

The fashion eyewear background of Hudson Optical is apparent in the styling of the brand’s metal and plastic frames. Some safety glasses may feature dual-color designs or fit specifications such as extra-large or wraparound frames. Selected plastic frames are non-conductive, or made without metal components, for consideration near electrical hazards.

Do Hudson Optical safety glasses fit men and women?

Hudson Optical is a trendsetting brand of safety eyewear for men and women. This brand offers a wide selection of frame styles and lens sizes to flatter any face shape. Check the frame size and dimensional measurements to determine whether a particular pair of glasses will provide a comfortable fit.

Is Hudson Optical eyewear available with prescription lenses?

Any style of Hudson Optical safety glasses can be paired with shatterproof single vision, multifocal or reading lenses. Enter the diopters of a prescription to order corrective eyewear. The base curve of frames and thickness of lenses may determine whether a particular pair of glasses can support high RX lenses.


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