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Why Prescription Sunglasses are Important for all Outdoor Activities

Marvel Optics features a range of prescription sunglasses in the latest styles and designs. These glasses protect your eyes against the sun and harmful elements. This includes UV A, B, and C rays which can permanently damage and scar the eyes. Sunglasses also protect against harmful blue light that is emitted from artificial light sources and the sun. Blue light causes the eyes to squint when outdoors which impair vision and optical performance.

Here are some more benefits of choosing the best prescription sunglasses for the entire family:

Protect your eyes from dangerous glare

Sunglasses reduce dangerous glare which make daily driving and chores difficult. Glare causes lack of proper vision and is distracting when enjoying the great outdoors. With the right pair of sunglasses, you are able to see clearly while playing sports or spending quality time with the family. Polarized prescription sunglasses even reduce glare from surfaces like glass, snow, water and artificial sources. Do not let your activities get ruined by nagging glare – find the top sunglasses that make all activities safer and enjoyable.

Get better vision clarity and performance

We can install most types of lenses into prescription sunglasses for your convenience. This includes polarized lenses which reduce glare and improve visual comfort. These lenses also reduce eye strain and improve contrast for better visual performance. They even absorb 85% of visible light making vision clearer and stronger. We can have your sunglasses tinted to sharpen your outdoor experience if desired. Whether for prescription or non-prescription lenses, is simply your source for the best in sunglasses and eyewear at cost-affordable prices.

What types of sunglasses are available?

At Marvel Optics, we showcase a wide selection of prescription sunglasses in many styles and designs. Our online store also features a range of frames, colors, lenses, and customized options for all wearers. Here are some of the top sunglasses we carry for men, women, and children:

  • Aviator/Pilot
  • Butterfly
  • Cat Eye
  • Oval – Round
  • Rectangle – Square
  • Semi-rimless
  • Shield
  • Wayfarer and much more.

Reduce vision damage while outdoors

Wearing sunglasses help reduce vision damage while making you look and feel great. They protect your eyes from the sun and all its harmful UV rays. With so many styles to match your personality, sunglasses make outdoor activities safer and fun. These glasses are even ideal for customers who’ve had corrective vision surgery and need stronger protection from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are great for active people that need vision correction/sun protection. However, prices can range from $20 to well over $750 depending on the frames and lenses you need. At Marvel Optics, our sunglasses start as low as $5.95 for durable, UV-protective spectacles with or without prescription lenses. We feature several styles, colors, designs, and shapes to suit your lifestyle needs. Why pay outrageous prices for name brand glasses when we make it affordable and easier? Simply visit our online eyewear store to find the best deals, discounts, and savings on all sunglasses for the entire family.

Can prescription sunglasses be polarized?

Absolutely. Polarized prescription sunglasses offer maximum UV protection and comfort for wearers. They also reduce eyestrain and blinding glare while enhancing overall vision performance. Marvel Optics can polarize your sunglasses with a myriad of frames, styles and designs available. The best part is that your prescription (RX) is already in the regular lenses – making it easy for us to add sunglasses to your eyewear collection. Polarized sunglasses even protect your eyes from glare coming off of snow, water, and other surfaces. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you need the right sunglasses to shield your eyes from the elements year-round.

Can you get sunglasses with prescription?

Yes, you can get sunglasses with a valid prescription (RX). If your prescription is no longer valid, you will need to visit an optometrist or local optical center to get a new one. Prescription sunglasses have your own corrective prescription built into the lenses. This may include bifocals, progressive, or types of lenses. Sunglasses are available for most corrective prescriptions and we are able to add lenses for this type of eyewear. Whether looking for stylish, sporty, non-prescription or anti-glare/anti-UV sunglasses, we feature a large selection at Marvel Optics for you and your family.