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Uvex safety glasses are among the most trusted brands worldwide. A German company affiliated with Honeywell develops cutting-edge designs and materials that meet the most demanding safety standards. Plastic and metal frames are available in a wide range of styles with options for prescription lenses and a choice of lens finishes and tints.

Durable Frames

Polycarbonate frames and lenses can stand up to impact and provide a comfortable fit for industrial or athletic applications. Metal frames may allow for more adjustment and also feature shatterproof lenses. In addition to materials, it is also important to factor in frame size, the profile of eyewear and lens shape. All of these features are essential for achieving a good fit and ensuring that your eyes are protected from exposure to hazards.

Most Honeywell Uvex safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard for basic impact resistance. Eyewear with this rating usually satisfies federal standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for on-the-job protection. Check to make sure that any style is suitable for specific applications. You may also want to factor in safety features such as built-in side shields for superior lateral protection.

Shatterproof Lenses

Polycarbonate or high-index plastic are some of the most durable and lightweight lens materials. These materials are standard for non-prescription safety glasses lenses and are also used for corrective lenses. Prescription lenses should stand up to the same standards for resistance to impact. Rating should be indicated on the side of lenses by designations that include letters and symbols.

High-power prescriptions may necessitate the use of thicker lenses. The diopters or power of these lenses may exceed the capabilities of some frames to provide a good fit. If you require a powerful prescription, look for safety glasses frames that are specified as being suitable for high RX prescriptions. Select single vision, multifocal or reading lenses and enter the details of your prescription to get safety glasses that have durable corrective lenses.

Uvex™ Safety Glasses FAQs

How can I order Uvex prescription safety glasses?

Browse a selection of Uvex frames to find a design in the right size with dimensions that fit your face. After selecting a style, make sure that the prescription power of the lenses is compatible with the frames. Provide the diopters and choose any finishes or tints for corrective lenses.

What are some Uvex eyewear safety features?

Most Uvex glasses meet the requirements of the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact resistance. Many plastic frames by this brand feature built-in side shields that may be clear or colored, depending on the design. Metal frames may have adjustable nose pads and rubber temples to provide the best fit.

What Uvex safety glasses frame materials are available?

Plastic and metal frames are two eyewear styles for safety applications. Plastic frames may feature side shields. Metal frames tend to provide a greater amount of flexibility with regard to a customizable fit. The material may affect the shape of the frame design or lenses and the degree of protection.

Are tinted lenses an option for Uvex safety frames?

Uvex tinted safety glasses are an option for prescription or non-prescription lenses. Select a lens type and proceed to pick a standard, gradient or mirrored tint in your choice of a large color selection. A more limited array of tint colors may be available for polarized or polarized mirrored lenses.

Which optical company makes Uvex frames?

Uvex originated as a German brand of safety eyewear and personal protective equipment. This brand is affiliated with Honeywell, a multinational corporation that offers a wide variety of industrial products and services. Working professionals and athletes can both depend on the high quality of Uvex and Uvex Honeywell safety glasses.


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