Kids Prescription Sunglasses

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Children can benefit from vision correction and protection from ultraviolet rays by wearing kid’s prescription sunglasses. This eyewear complements everyday glasses intended for indoor wear by shielding eyes from the sun and improving vision outside. A large selection of colorful and durable frames are available in extra small to children’s large sizes along with an assortment of lens tints.

See The Latest Frames

Kid’s sunglasses range from colorful plastic frames to more conventional metal frames. Be sure to check the size of any frames you are considering for your child. Frame sizes start at extra-small and go up to small, medium and large. Some styles for young wearers come with an elastic band to provide a more secure fit and prevent eyewear from slipping down or falling off.

Many of the most popular kids’ frames are rectangular or square-shaped. Certain styles feature translucent frame fronts and patterned temples, while other designs offer a choice of contrasting colors on the frame interior or temples. Get a unique look with frames that have accents on the endpieces or temples. Kid’s glasses and lenses are affordably priced. As a child ages, it will eventually be necessary to upgrade to larger frames.

Customizable Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses for kid’s prescription sunglasses look cool and protect eyes from ultraviolet light. Depending on the frame style, you may have the option to choose a child’s favorite color or a matching or contrasting shade. Shopping for sunglasses online makes it easy to select lens options for vision correction, tinting, and finishes.

Single vision, multifocal and reading lenses are available for kid’s glasses and sunglasses. Choose from standard, gradient or mirrored tints in shades such as gray, brown, green, blue, yellow, red or purple. Polarized tints may also be an option. In addition to adding a stylish accent, the right tint can enhance contrast or reduce glare.