Prescription Snowboarding Goggles

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Seeing Clearly With Prescription Snowboarding Goggles

While riding the slopes on your snowboard, you need your vision to be at its best to see upcoming terrain and any obstacles in your path. You may normally wear glasses or contact lenses in your everyday life and may need vision correction in your sports eyewear as well. As with many recreational activities, your eyes also need protection from impact, irritants and damaging UV radiation. Prescription snowboarding goggles can provide the vision correction you need while also keeping your eyes safe and protected from hazards on the trail.

Sharp Vision

Snowboarding prescription goggles outfitted with corrective lenses specifically designed for your needs will help you visualize your surroundings clearly. Better vision means better riding and the opportunity to perform your best.  Regardless of trail conditions, being comfortable and secure in your vision can help increase your enjoyment of riding and spending valuable time outdoors.

Eye Protection

Snowboard goggles are designed to protect your eyes from impact and irritants. Impacts can occur when falling or when coming in contact with other riders or objects such as tree branches. Blowing snow and wind can be irritating to your eyes, causing them to either water or feel very dry. Goggles can help prevent these uncomfortable sensations. Many models of protective sports eyewear also provide UV protection to help prevent long-term damage to eyes caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

Style and Sizes

Corrective snowboard goggles are available in various designs and colors to help you find the right pair to match your unique sense of style. Whether you are looking for certain colors to match your personal preferences or specific design features to help you feel confident, there is a pair of goggles waiting for you. Sizing options are available to allow you to find the best fit, ensuring comfort and security on your runs.

Prescription Snowboarding Goggles FAQs

What are snowboarding goggles?

Snow goggles are snug-fitting eyewear that are designed to protect your eyes from irritation and glare while snowboarding. Most models also provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause eye damage following long-term exposure. Many goggles can be fitted with prescription lenses if you normally require vision correction in the form of glasses or contact lenses.

Do you need goggles to snowboard?

Goggles are highly recommended for many recreational activities, including snowboarding. Your eyes could be injured if you fall or if you come into contact with obstacles or other riders. On a sunny day, your vision can be extremely impaired by the glare shining off snowy trails, which can result in crashes. It is much easier to protect your eyes than to recover from a serious eye injury or other injury caused by impaired vision.

Can you get prescription snowboard goggles?

Yes, many models of goggles can accommodate your vision prescription. Using prescription lenses when indicated can help you see your best and feel confident while riding. When shopping for prescription snowboarding goggles, be sure to read the product description to ensure that the model you select is appropriate for your specific correction requirements.

How do you make snow goggles not fog?

Fogging can occur when you are working up a sweat while snowboarding. Many prescription goggles include vents that encourage airflow around the lenses and can prevent the buildup of moisture. In addition, some lenses are available with anti-fog coatings that can reduce fogging. Check out the product descriptions to see what anti-fog features are available on the models you select.

What color lens is best for snow goggles?

Snow goggles are available in many colors to accommodate a range of snowboarding conditions. On very bright days, sunshine and glare from sunlight reflecting off the snow can impair your vision. Darker colored lenses are the best option in these conditions, as the dark tint absorbs light and reduces glare. On cloudy days, lighter colored lenses will help you see clearly in low light conditions while still protecting your eyes.


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