Prescription Goggles

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Prescription Goggles for a More Secure Fit

When comparing different types of eyewear, goggles often fit more securely around the face than regular eyewear and provide complete eye protection. While glasses stay on the head using frames that tuck behind the ears and rest on the nose, many types of prescription goggles use a strap that stretches tightly from lens to lens. Goggles are often larger than glasses and can be worn over prescription glasses. However, there are also prescription safety goggles available that provide protection to the eyes while also helping people with poor vision see clearly. At Marvel Optics, we carry many variations of this type of eyewear depending on the wearer’s preference and the situation in which it is being worn, such as prescription sports goggles or safety eyewear designed for laboratories or hazardous work environments.

A Variety of Sports Goggles to Help You Perform Your Best

For sports that involve a lot of movement or put the eyes at risk, prescription sports goggles offer many advantages. For instance, this type of eyewear is less likely to fall off your face when moving and can provide 360-degree protection from the sun, particles, and anything else that could potentially damage your eyesight. Shop our collection of prescription goggles, which allow athletes of all ages to correct their vision and play with the confidence that their eyewear won’t budge.

The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes at Work

For many, wearing protective eyewear at work is not an option. In fact, an estimated 90 percent of workplace eye injuries can be prevented by wearing personal protective eyewear. Construction, automotive, manufacturing, welding, healthcare, and laboratories are all examples of industries where wearing prescription safety goggles are essential. Additionally, safety glasses or goggles are important for military and law enforcement as well to protect the eyes from small particles and possible impact. We carry safety goggles that are ANSI Z87.1 rated and fit for a variety of industries, so you can stay safe while on the job.