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Boys Prescription Eyeglasses with the Utmost in Durability

If your kid plays sports with everyday glasses, there’s a good chance you’ve had to fix or replace broken frames. And if he doesn’t, glasses can get broken by performing everyday activities. If you want to keep your peace of mind and preserve your wallet, be sure to take a look at the broad selection of boy’s prescription glasses we have at Marvel Optics. Our frames will give you the utmost in durability, and you can buy them at an affordable price. Feel free to look at what we have in our store, so you can find your next pair of boys glasses today!

A Variety of Frames in a Number of Styles

If you’re looking for a pair of boy’s prescription eyeglasses that can take years of use, you can find what you need at Marvel Optics. We have a broad selection of stylish frames that will give you the same in durability. Kids can be rough on glasses, especially boys. So if you want a pair of boy’s prescription glasses that your child can use over the long term, be sure to take a look at what we have in our store. We can be your place to purchase durable and stylish boys glasses at an affordable price!

Quality Boys Prescription Sports Glasses at an Affordable Price

Most boys like to play sports. And if they wear glasses, they will most likely use them during whichever activity they participate in. No pair of eyeglasses are completely unbreakable, but you can buy a pair of boy’s prescription sports glasses that are better equipped to withstand the extra punishment. At Marvel Optics, we have a variety of boy’s prescription eyeglasses that can be suitable for a number of activities. We even have everyday frames that can fit any type of style. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a pair of boy’s prescription glasses that’s perfect for your child.

Boy’s Prescription Eyeglasses FAQs

What kind of glasses can boys wear for playing sports?

There are a number of glasses that boys can wear while they’re playing sports, so here are some questions you can ask that will help you make the right decision:

  • Are they the right fit?
  • Are they light enough to wear while on the field?
  • Has your prescription been updated?

Be sure to speak to a professional for more information about what will work best for your child.

How do you measure boys for eyeglasses?

Here are some things you have to consider while your child is being fitted for boys glasses:

  • The human head grows an average of one inch per year.
  • A child’s head will reach 96% of its adult size by approximately age ten.
  • A child’s head will reach its full size by approximately age thirteen.
  • Some children will be able to comfortably wear adult frames, depending on their age and size.

Be sure to speak to a professional for more information.

Why would children pretend to have poor eyesight to get glasses?

Because there are two parts to an eye exam (objective and subjective testing), the simple answer to this question is “no.” Objective testing methods don’t rely on patient responses, which can’t be faked. And while not all of them are 100% accurate, they’re very good at estimating your child’s prescription.

What are the most durable eyeglasses for boys?

For boys glasses, you should buy frames that have flex hinges on the legs, which allow them to be bent outward without breaking the frame. You should also buy a pair of boys prescription glasses that don’t have nose pads, because the legs can break easily. For frame materials, titanium or thick plastic will be your best choice because of its durability.

Do teenage boys look good with rimless eyeglasses?

In terms of cosmetics, it depends on the face shape. But because rimless glasses can break more easily, they’re not the ideal choice for teenage boys. If you’re still not sure, you can always speak to an optician or optometrist. And if you’re looking for a place to purchase boys prescription eyeglasses online, be sure to look at what we have at Marvel Optics.


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