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Gunnar Prescription Glasses

Technology has transformed the way most people go about their daily lives. While phones, tablets, and other devices might be convenient, these items also bring about new safety concerns. Gunnar prescription glasses are crafted in order to filter out the harmful blue light that is said to be put off by the screens of digital devices. These gaming glasses are said to protect the eyes from glare and reduce strain that is placed on the eyes by looking at digital devices for long periods. Computer glasses can be convenient to have at home, work, school or during long trips. Explore the different style options of Gunnar prescription glasses and get a better feel for what fit is best for you.

Gunnar Glasses FAQs

Is Blue Light Harmful To My Eyes?

Yes, recent studies have shown that continued exposure to blue light from digital devices can lead to lasting damage to the eyes. To avoid this, it is recommended to invest in eyewear meant to filter and reduce this light exposure like Gunnar glasses. This helps to limit the odds of blue light doing serious harm.

How Can I Reduce the Impact of Blue Light?

Outside of purchasing glasses aimed at filtering the light out, there are other simple ways to reduce your exposure to blue light. Taking regular breaks from devices and limiting your time with screens during your free hours can be useful in regard to keeping your eyes rested and refreshed.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

Eyewear designed for gaming and similar activities, like Gunnar prescription glasses, are created specifically to meet the needs of individuals who spend a large chunk of time each day in front of television and computer screens that put off blue light. The goal is to filter out this light and reduce the overall impact on the eyes.

What Is Anti-Reflective Coating?

Anti-reflective coating, sometimes called anti-glare coating, can be a useful addition to gaming glasses. With some eyewear, light from screens can bounce off the back of the lenses and create an awkward glare. This coating reduces and often eliminates the “light feedback” created by observing various devices in order to provide an easier and clearer experience all around.

Should I Wear Gaming Glasses When Using My Phone?

Whether you’re using a computer, laptop, tablet, or personal phone, you can benefit from wearing Gunnar glasses while engaged with a device. Exposing your eyes to blue light in any capacity can disrupt your sleep patterns and cause long-term damage to your ocular muscles. Get in the habit of wearing these glasses regularly and do your part to keep yourself protected.


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