Prescription Skydiving Goggles

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If you are a frequent skydiver, then you fully understand the thrill of reaching new heights and feeling the rush of air against your body as you glide toward the ground. The proper protective eyewear is essential for shielding your eyes as you dive while still allowing you to clearly see the world below as you fall. Prescription skydiving goggles are ideal for people who need to wear glasses or contact to see normally. While some people will wear larger goggles to accommodate their glasses or tight-fitting goggles with contact lenses, prescription goggles for skydiving allow you to enjoy the experience without worrying that your contacts are going to dry up or that your glasses are going to move around as you jump.

The Importance of Ventilation

When you are skydiving, it is important that you are able to see the ground below you, fellow divers, and your altimeter. Proper ventilation is essential for keeping the lenses from fogging, and many goggles have miniature holes or special nose pieces to help achieve this effect. You also have the option to choose lenses that are treated with an anti-fog coating.

A Secure Fit

Skydiving goggles are designed to stay secure on the face while providing adequate wind protection. A secure, durable strap is essential for keeping the goggles snug to the face. The last thing you want is for your goggles to fall off your face or break while you jump. Foam padding around the frame promotes comfort while maintaining a tight seal. Polycarbonate lenses are often used for skydiving since they offer great impact protection against fast-moving or heavy objects.

Additional Lens Technology

While many people wear non-tinted skydiving prescription goggles when diving, there are tinted lenses available that offer protection from UV rays. Prescription goggles are available with photochromic technology, which allows the lenses to darken or lighten depending on how bright it is outside. Some people will buy goggles with polarized lenses for reducing glare while skydiving.

Prescription Skydiving Goggles FAQs

Are there prescription skydiving goggles?

People can find prescription skydiving goggles that include an optical insert for prescription lenses or you can have custom prescription goggles made. Flatter frames best accommodate high prescription strengths. While some eyewear companies can attach the prescription lenses for you, an experienced optician can also make this change.

Can you go skydiving with glasses?

Many people go skydiving with their prescription glasses on, but it is common for your glasses to shift underneath the goggles. However, wearing only glasses while skydiving is not an option. Goggles designed specifically for skydiving are essential for protecting your eyes while you jump and allowing you to maintain full visibility.

Can you wear glasses under skydiving goggles?

Yes, you can wear both glasses and contact lenses under skydiving goggles. If wearing glasses, you need to purchase goggles large enough to easily fit over your prescription glasses. Contact lenses can become dry or fall out when skydiving, so find goggles that fit as close to your face as possible.

What color lens is best for skydiving goggles?

Many people use clear lenses when skydiving with other people so they can easily make eye contact to communicate. If skydiving alone or trying to protect the eyes from the sun, some people will choose tinted lenses. Blue and yellow are both popular colors for prescription skydiving goggles.

Do you need goggles for Skydiving?

No matter your experience level, goggles are always necessary while skydiving. Not wearing them would be very painful and even possibly cause permanent damage to the eyes. Being able to see clearly is an essential part of jumping, and goggles allow you to fully take in your surroundings during your descent.


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