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Kate Spade prescription frames are fashionable and functional accessories. This brand specializes in making eyewear for women.  Our inventory of these designer glasses includes classic and trendsetting frames in a wide range of frame materials, shapes, colors and patterns.

Kate Spade Glasses Frames

The Kate Spade eyewear collection includes frames for expressing your sense of style every day. Choose from rectangular rectangular, square or round frames in a wide range of colors and patterns. You can also find distinctive styles of Kate Spade prescription frames such as cat-eye glasses. Many styles feature eye-catching designs on frame fronts and stylish accent temples.

Most Kate Spade eyewear can accommodate single vision, bifocal or progressive prescription lenses. You can customize lenses for reading or blocking blue light emitted by computers and digital devices. It is also possible to add tinted lenses to Kate Spade eyeglasses frames. Kate Spade also makes prescription-ready sunglasses.

Kate Spade Eyeglass Frames

Some of the most popular styles of Kate Spade frames are the rectangular Valary Us and Regine Us. Valary Us frames feature metal frame fronts and patterned accent temples. The Regine US style are rectangular plastic frames with a shorter lens height and a metal brand logo at the temples. The Kate Spade collection includes a number of styles with mixed materials for a fashionable look.

Kate Spade also makes oval and round eyeglasses frames for women. The Makensie frames are oval-shaped and may flatter wearers with angular or square face shapes. Other popular styles include the cat-eye inspired Kamila and Karlee frames. These acetate styles are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Kate Spade Glasses  FAQs

Where can I buy Kate Spade prescription frames?

Browse our inventory of Kate Spade glasses. Check the size and dimensions of frames to find eyewear that fits your face. Once you select a style, pick frame size and color options and choose single vision, multifocal or progressive lenses.

What are the most popular Kate Spade glasses?

The most popular eyeglasses styles by Kate Spade include Briella, Rainey and Sharla frames. Briella frames are plastic with patterned fronts and accent temples. Rainey eyeglasses feature statement temples. Sharla frames are rectangular plastic frames with a patterned fade design.

Does Kate Spade make prescription sunglasses?

Kate Spade makes prescription-ready sunglasses. Many styles can accommodate single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. It is also possible to choose tinted prescription lenses for any of the brand’s glasses frames, including standard, gradient, polarized, mirrored or polarized mirror lenses.

How do I make sure Kate Spade frames fit?

Many Kate Spade frames offer a choice of sizes. Check the dimensions for each size, including the width of the frames, bridge and each lens, lens height and temple length. Measure your face or compare measurements to your current eyewear.

Can I get plastic or metal Kate Spade frames?

Choose from many plastic Kate Spade prescription frames and several metal frame styles. Some Kate Spade spectacles combine metal and plastic materials on frame fronts and temples for a unique look. Nose pad design may vary based on frame materials.


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