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From the most passionate outdoor sport enthusiasts to those who never miss an opportunity to be stylish, you understand the importance of quality eyewear that is both functional and fashionable. Bobster glasses are your must-have eyewear for merging technology with style and convenience. Wherever life takes you, your eyewear should keep you fresh and focused and Marvel Optics is happy to bring the Bobster brand to keep up with your active, high-performance lifestyle.

Superior Bobster Glasses Just for You

When it comes to eyewear, gone are the days when a pair just needed to shield your eyes from brightness and glare. Bobster glasses elevate the game with glasses that are engineered to improve your vision and protect it as well. The Bobster brand brings you optically correct lenses to reduce distortion and eye strain that not only hinder your performance but can lead to undesirable effects such as headaches. No matter your style preference, all Bobster products come with optically correct lenses to help you be your best wherever and whenever.

Corrected Vision With Bobster Prescription Glasses

For those who need corrective lenses, Marvel Optics also makes Bobster prescription glasses available for purchase. Bobster brings you the same combination of technology and style in a set of glasses that are suited to your particular vision needs. See your outdoor activities all the way through with stylish frames with innovative benefits such as quick conversion to safety googles, hydrophobic coating to repel water as well as colored lenses that offer UV protection.

Sleek Perfection With Zulu Glasses

Marvel Optics recognizes that when it comes to glasses, no two wearers are the same. The Zulu Glasses offer wearers sleek style with the high performance features you love from the Bobster brand. These wraparound frames are built for military-grade durability while offering a lightweight yet secure fit. Check out our custom guides to help find the perfect Bobster glasses for your face.

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Bobster Glasses FAQs

I need prescription glasses. Do you provide guidance on finding the right pair?

We certainly do. We offer a guide on buying prescription glasses to help you find the perfect Bobster glasses to meet your vision needs. We know that style and features won’t matter much if the included lens don’t help correct your eyesight. We walk you through the necessary steps to narrow down your search.

Where can I see the specific dimensions for a set of frames?

Once you’ve found a pair of Bobster prescription glasses that you like, click on them. The landing page will show the frame dimensions for the pair in question under the “Customize Lens” button. You can see the frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width for any set of glasses to see if they’re a good fit.

I’m looking for the specific description for a set of glasses. Where would I find that?

Detailed descriptions for each set can be found on the landing page once you click on them. Let’s suppose you decide that the Zulu glasses are the frame of choice. Click on them and scroll past the “Customize Lens” and “Frame Dimensions” sections on the screen. There is “additional information” as well as a full description that includes features and details.

Do you offer discounts or special offers on your eyewear?

We most certainly do! You can sign up for exclusive offers and deals when you join our email list. You will get access to special deals on various types of eyewear, including Bobster glasses from time to time. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms for updates, industry news and other offers.

How can I make sure I’m getting the right prescription lenses?

We offer a guide to show you how to accurately read your prescription card. Before you order a pair of Bobster prescription glasses, check out our Interactive Prescription Card. We provide three examples to show you how to read the specific dimensions and measurements so that you can shop prescription lenses with confidence!


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