Prescription Casual Lifestyle Sunglasses

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Prescription casual lifestyle sunglasses provide everyday sun protection and vision correction. Comfortable frames are paired with lenses that have the diopters and cylinder power of your prescription and are available in a variety of tints and finishes. Many casual glasses can be fitted with high-power prescription lenses. Get the right pair of sunglasses to stay comfortable and see clearly while you have fun in the sun.

Stylish Sun Protection

Casual lifestyle sunglasses are intended for multi-purpose wear. These sunglasses can be worn while spending time outdoors or driving. The frames of prescription lifestyle sunglasses excel at providing daily comfort, but may not be lightweight or secure enough to be worn during athletics or other specialized activities with more stringent fit demands. Depending on the intensity of an activity, you may also prefer frames and lenses that are resistant to impact. Your lifestyle will determine whether you can get all of the sun protection you need from a pair of lifestyle sunglasses. If you play sports, you may also want to select a pair of sports sunglasses to reduce wear on and prevent damage to casual eyewear.

Versatile Frames and Lenses

Casual eyewear is made to be worn everyday. The right pair of frames can flatter any sense of style and be dressed up or down for every occasion. Casual lifestyle sunglasses are available with metal frames, plastic frames or frames that feature a combination of these materials. Close-fitting and lightweight lifestyle prescription sunglasses frames may be worn during moderate activities, such as while hiking or jogging. Prescription lenses provide vision correction while protecting your eyes from exposure to ultraviolet light. Gray or brown lens tints are good options for versatile eyewear that will preserve true colors for driving or other general activities. Polarized or mirrored lenses are helpful for reducing glare on the road or around water, snow or other reflective surroundings.

Prescription Casual Lifestyle Sunglasses FAQs

Can casual lifestyle sunglasses be worn during activities?

Casual prescription sunglasses are all-purpose eyewear that can be worn during activities of mild to moderate intensity. Factor in the comfort and security of the fit and the safety of wearing frames and lenses that may not be impact-rated. Sports sunglasses may be a better choice for regular physical activity.

What frame materials and shapes are popular for casual sunglasses?

The most popular lifestyle sunglasses are made of metal or plastic. Metal frames tend to be more minimalist half rim styles. Casual plastic sunglasses come in a variety of colors, patterns and shapes. Most pairs of casual lifestyle frames feature nose pads and temples designed to provide a comfortable fit.

How can you tell whether a pair of sunglasses will provide a comfortable fit?

When shopping online for sunglasses, check the dimensions and size of frames to determine whether glasses will provide a good fit. Factor in the width of the lenses, bridge and frame, as well as the length of the temples. The base curve may also impact the quality of the fit.

Are high RX prescription casual lifestyle sunglasses available?

Sunglasses for casual wear are often suitable for high-powered prescriptions. Make sure the diopters of your prescription are within the range for a particular style. Plastic sunglasses frames may be a better choice for thick lenses than metal frames. High RX lenses in a wraparound frame can cause visual distortion.

Is prescription casual eyewear the best choice for my lifestyle?

Prescription casual lifestyle sunglasses are good all-purpose sunglasses. This eyewear style is ideal for wearing while spending time outside and can also be worn while driving. Some casual frames may also be suitable for low-intensity activities that do not require impact protection. Switch into sports sunglasses for more intense activity.


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