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3M safety glasses pair durable materials with innovative designs. Browse a selection of metal and plastic frames that come with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and comfort features such as nose pads for heavy contact areas. This eyewear meets impact resistance specifications for the ANSI Z87.1 standard. 3M glasses are available with non-prescription or corrective lenses.

Advanced Eye Protection

The frames and lenses of 3M safety eyewear work together to provide comfortable and reliable protection. Plastic frames are durable and lightweight options suitable for a wide range of applications. Metal frames may offer a more flexible fit and have features such as adjustable nose pads or rubber temples. Both of these materials are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Many 3M frame styles have large lenses to allow for the widest field of vision. Browse a full selection of safety eyewear and select your preferred frame shape and lens profile. Some of the most common designs have aviator, oval or shield shapes. In addition to comparing glasses designs, you should also note the size and dimensions of any frame style. Look for additional features such as a Brow-Guard Side Shield or a wrap-around frame front for enhanced lateral protection.

High-Quality Materials

3M safety eyewear features the safest frame and lens materials for wear on the job or during high-intensity activities. Durable plastic or metal frames are paired with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. An anti-scratch coating maintains optical clarity over time. Non-prescription lenses satisfy ANSI Z87.1 standards, and 3M prescription safety glasses should also be rated for the same level of impact resistance.

Select a frame style or material that provides a sufficient level of eye protection for wear on a job site or any other environment in which your eyes run a risk of exposure to impact hazards. In addition to selecting frames with standard or corrective lenses, you can also choose from a variety of lens tints and finishes to customize any pair of protective eyewear.

3M™ Safety Glasses FAQs

Do 3M safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards?

3M safety frames and lenses protect eyes from impact of an intensity specified in the ANSI Z87.1 standard. It is essential to pair durable plastic or metal frames with shatterproof lenses for eye protection. Check to see whether a pair of glasses satisfies OSHA requirements or other relevant standards.

Are 3M glasses available with prescription lenses?

Corrective lenses are an option for most 3M safety frames. Choose from single vision, multi-focal or reading lenses. Keep in mind that certain frame styles are only compatible with a limited range of diopters, while other designs are suitable for high-power prescriptions. Prescription safety glasses support overall safety during wear.

Is it possible to order 3M tinted safety glasses?

Choose clear, tinted or light adjusting lenses for safety eyewear. Depending on the frames, standard, gradient or mirrored tint may be available. 3M polarized safety glasses are also an option to cut glare during outdoor wear. Blue-blocking lenses for digital screen protection may also be an option for these frames.

What are some safety features of 3M glasses?

Some 3M frames feature side shields to provide additional impact protection. Frames may have an adjustable nose pad and rubber temples to provide a more comfortable and secure fit. Standard or prescription lenses made of polycarbonate plastic are shatterproof and also come with an anti-scratch coating for superior optical clarity.

What company makes 3M safety glasses?

The Hoya Corporation makes 3M and Pentax safety glasses. The same styles of safety frames may be marketed or sold under either of these brand names. 3M eyewear is designed to provide reliable eye protection for any hazardous application and satisfy the highest safety standards for wear on the job.


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