Womens Prescription Sports Sunglasses

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If you play sports in the sun and need corrective lenses, a pair of women’s prescription sports sunglasses should be on your shopping list. These will help you to enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest without risking your eyesight. Plus, they will make it easier to see, which is important in most sports.

The Value of Sports Sunglasses

The sun emits a lot of UV radiation. While our atmosphere handles some of that for us, it is still possible to be harmed by the sun’s rays. You likely already know that it is important to protect your skin. However, covering your eyes against the sunlight is equally important. That is where prescription sport sunglasses for women’s activities come into play.

They will provide you with excellent UV protection even in the brightest sunlight. Furthermore, you can choose to add ANSI-rated, polycarbonate lenses to your glasses. This will protect your face against impacts from flying objects such as balls, bats and people. It only takes one accident to seriously damage your vision.

Finding the Right Glasses

When you are looking through our selection, you can pick out any pair of frames and add women’s sports sunglasses prescription lenses to them. You can also choose special features such as anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance. These will help you get more utility from your glasses while you play. The anti-fog option is especially popular among people who play sports involving a lot of running.

We also have numerous options for your corrective lenses. For example, you can choose single-vision, progressive or multifocal lenses. Additionally, you can choose whether you will have digital HD lenses. When you are ready, enter your prescription information. We let you enter it into a form or upload an image of your prescription.

It couldn’t be easier to get complete eye protection for sports. Order your women’s prescription sports sunglasses today.

Women’s Prescription Sports Sunglasses FAQs

Which Are the Best Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

The best sports sunglasses are the ones that you will wear regularly. Choose a pair that are comfortable and that you enjoy wearing. They offer no protection if they are left in their case. Additionally, consider opting for polarized lenses and ANSI-rated impact protection. These will help keep your eyes safer.

Do I Need Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses do a better job of keeping your eyes protected from UV radiation. Although regular sunglasses with UV protection do an adequate job, polarization may be worth considering. If you plan to use your prescription sports sunglasses in the bright sun regularly, strongly think about polarization.

What Is ANSI Rating?

ANSI is short for the American National Standards Institute. It is a body that sets standards for consumer products. For sports glasses, the standard is called Z87.1. This rates different protective qualities of the glasses. Our ANSI-rated lenses meet the body’s impact-resistance minimums. They will offer better protection from flying balls, bats and other items.

How Do I Make Sure My Women's Prescription Sports Sunglasses Fit?

All Marvel Optics glasses have their dimensions listed on their product pages. The best way to determine if your glasses are likely to fit is by looking at our frame sizing guide. This explains sizing and how you can either match your new glasses to a current pair or find the right frames for your face shape.

Which Sunglasses Can Have Prescription Lenses?

All Marvel Optics sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses. When you find a pair of frames that you like, choose the “Prescription Lens” option on the product page. From there, you will be able to select customization options including lens type, tinting and coatings. You have plenty of choices to get the perfect glasses.


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