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Stay in Style with Discount Prescription Sunglasses and Accessories

Marvel Optics features a full line of discount prescription sunglasses in the latest styles and fashions. These glasses have great UV protection, which reduces your risk of cataracts and sun damage when outdoors. UV rays are known to cause vision problems in people that do not wear protective eyewear. This includes eyestrain, blurry vision, migraines and other optical issues. With a trendy pair of prescription sunglasses, you can enjoy the outdoors without squinting or focusing concerns.

Protect your Eyes with Prescription Eyewear at Amazingly Low Prices

Discount sunglasses are perfect for the entire family. However, you will need a valid script (RX) from an eye doctor in order to secure prescription lenses. Whether looking for tinted, progressive, or non-prescriptive lenses, we have it all at our online store. Our live chat customer service reps are also available to answer all your prescription sunglasses questions or concerns. Here are some benefits of sunglasses for folks that love outdoor sports, team-building events, family functions and social gatherings:

  • Convenience – Having a pair of prescription sunglasses are cost-effective and convenient solutions to carrying two different pairs. No more switching between normal prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses when outdoors.
  • Safety – Whether for nearsighted or farsighted customers, prescription sunglasses are safe and deflect annoying glare when driving. While they are mainly designed for outdoor use, these spectacles have the same lens power as your regular prescription glasses. This makes them an ideal choice for folks that need vision correction and UV protective lenses.
  • Stylish Frames – Sunglasses look great with stylish, trendy frames that match your personality and tastes. Designed for function and aesthetic appeal, frames make a visual difference in any pair of glasses. features a wide array of frames for both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Marvel Optics features Cost-Affordable Sunglasses in different Frame Designs

Prescription eyewear is important for men, women, and children that spend a lot of time outdoors. At Marvel Optics, we are committed to protecting your eye health with high-quality sunglasses at low prices. With several frames and designs, we can help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses that offer optical protection – any time of the year. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get prescription sunglasses?

Marvel Optics features prescription sunglasses starting as low as $5.95. While sunglasses range in price from $20 to well over $700, it depends on the frames and types of lenses you need. Still, these spectacles use the same lens power as your regular glasses so you don’t have to pay outrageous prices for multiple pairs. Visit our store today and experience the cost savings on several brands of eyewear.  

Who has the best deals on prescription glasses? has the best deals on prescription glasses for the entire family. With glasses as low as $5.95, we offer daily discounts with substantial savings on all eyewear. Whether you need prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, or cool and comfortable sunglasses, visit our online store today and to find the best glasses at unbeatable prices.

How to buy prescription sunglasses?

In order to get prescription sunglasses, you will need a valid prescription (RX) from your eye care specialist or optometrist. If your prescription script has expired, simply visit your eye doctor to get a new one. Enter your prescription information and we will ship your glasses to the address provided at checkout. You can also customize your lenses and use the filter tool to look for progressive, bifocal, freeform, or single-vision lenses before checking out.