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If you are an adventure seeker, athlete or just someone who relishes in outdoor activities, you need sunglasses that are comfortable and effective but don’t slip or fall off during high-intensity activities. Nike sunglasses mens have smooth, sporty designs that block the sun’s harmful rays, fight glare and enhance visibility while adding appealing accessorization to any activewear outfit. Many styles offer polarized lenses, making image details easier to see and further reducing eye strain. Activities like road running, road biking or snow skiing require clear, unobstructed vision in order to identify possible hazards like automobiles or other skiers with sufficient time to move to safety. Nike sunglasses mens make sure you see any oncoming threat even with ground reflection from water, sand or snow.

Eye Damage

Over time, continued exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause eye damage even if no one exposure event is damaging in and of itself. Most eye damage is caused by UV light, which can even be high on cloudy days, and can result in minor conditions such as light sensitivity, blurred vision or excessive tearing or more severe conditions like blindness. Many active outdoor activities like running, hiking and biking expose your unprotected eyes to extensive periods of harmful sunlight. Nike sunglasses mens block these harmful UV rays yet are lightweight and don’t slip, even with excessive perspiration.

Prescription Lenses

Nike sunglasses for men are innovative and flattering and are available with prescription lenses so you don’t have to switch to contact lenses just to participate in your favorite outdoor activity. Once you find your perfect pair of Nike mens sunglasses to match your style and needs, select the “Prescription Lens” option. This will give you the ability to select your necessary prescription features and details. If you need help ordering prescription lenses, review the how-to guides for instructions on how to read and enter your prescription information online.


What sunglasses should I order for my face shape?

It’s easy to pick the perfect frame for your face shape by using this easy how-to guide. You’ll want to not only highlight your best facial feature but also express your individual personality. Take into consideration your face shape and the colors that best compliment your skin tone to find the most flattering option.

How do I choose the correct frame sizing for my sunglasses?

You’ll want to follow this frame sizing guide to make sure you order the right frame size for your sunglasses. It is best to have a pair of your glasses or old sunglasses handy to use their measurement information about lens width, lens length, bridge size and temple length. You’ll want to keep the measurements for your new frames within the stated allowable variations.

Do I need sunglasses with polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are best at reducing glare from horizontal surfaces. If you drive a lot, run or bike on the road or participate in water- or snow-related activities, you may benefit from polarized lenses. Polarized lenses will make images details easier to see in reflected light, which reduces the strain on your eyes.

Are Nike mens sunglasses easily breakable?

Most Nike sunglasses for men have lightweight, durable frames the bend easily making them resistant to breaking. Further, features of the glasses that make them anti-slip reduce the chances of your glasses falling from your face and into a situation that damages them.

Do Nike sunglasses for men fog easily?

Many Nike mens sunglasses have features such as ventilated rubber nose bridges that help reduce fogging. Further resistance to fogging can be gained by adding anti-fog coating to your prescription sunglasses. This is a low-cost, permanent solution that may ultimately save you money if you usually buy anti-fog spray or towelettes.


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