Selecting a perfect pair of glasses means understanding the pro’s and con’s of all the different types of eyeglasses frames. Frames are grouped into three basic eyeglass frame types: full-rimmed eyeglasses, half-rimless eyeglasses, and rimless eyeglasses.  Read below to learn more about each eyeglasses frame type.


Full-Rimmed Eyeglasses

Full-Rim frame are glasses where the lenses is fully surrounded by a metal, plastic or polycarbonate frame.

Pros: Full-Rimmed frames offer far more variations in color and shape for you to chose from compared to other frame types. Most full-rim glasses offer built in nose bridge, which not only makes this frame type more durable, but also more to some more comfortable.  Full-rim glasses are more sturdy as the frame hold the lens in place and are less likely to break.

Cons: Some customers choose to have flexible nose-pads on their glasses due to the face shape. Additionally, some customers prefer ultra light-weight frames.

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Rimless Eyeglasses

Rimless eyeglasses have a frame is limited to only the temple and bridge. The lens is exposed on all sides as is not surrounded by the frame material.

Pro: Rimless glasses offer conservative classic style that be worn during formal and casual occasions. The minimal look offers a subtle elegance flexible enough for any outfit. Rimless frames tend to be the most lightweight option and are available in many different low profile materials such as titanium.

Cons: Rimless glasses are much more delicate and are not ideal for active lifestyle. The eyeglasses are typically held together with the support of the lens, hence the lens options may be limited to less brittle lens martial and thickness.

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Half-Rim Eyeglasses

Half-rim glasses, also known as simi-rimless eyeglasses, have frames that only surround the top half of the lenses.  The bottom of the lens is usually open or held together with a very thing transparent nylon.

Pros: Half-frame eyeglasses offer a more sophisticated and mature look. It also serves as the best of both worlds in that it offers durability as well as lightweight. If you wear your glasses for long periods, this is a great option. These frames are more affordable compared to alternatives such as lightweight full frame glasses because the lighter material required in full rimmed glasses are more expensive.

Cons: Half-rimmed eyeglasses may not be able to accommodate thick correctional lenses. Additionally, Half-rim may not be ideal if your lifestyle is active.

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