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While many people understand the importance of wearing sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes or the necessity of safety glasses when in the lab or a hazardous work environment, many people forgo protective eyewear when playing sports. Unfortunately, going without sports glasses greatly increases the risk of a serious injury for athletes young and old. Here at Marvel Optics, we carry stylish, protective sports goggles and glasses for people of all ages, so you can stay safe during practice, game day, or when simply playing for fun.

Sports Prescription Eyewear

Many athletes struggle to perform their best when playing the sports they love if they constantly are trying to keep their prescription glasses from shifting. Contacts are not always comfortable to wear and do not provide added protection for sports where the impact of a ball, racket, or other player is possible. Additionally, regular prescription glasses made with glass or regular plastic lenses may shatter and further injure players’ eyes when hit. Sport prescription glasses or goggles are made with polycarbonate prescription lenses and flexible, sturdy frames that won’t easily break. Many models include straps and other features to help keep eyewear from slipping.

ASTM F803 Standards

When searching for a pair of quality sports glasses, always make sure that the frames and lenses are ASTM F803 approved. There should be a marking to indicate that these standards have been met on the side of frames. These are the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials for ensuring the eyewear provides sufficient protection when playing sports. Part of this testing process includes the High-Velocity Impact Resistance test, which ensures the glasses or goggles can withstand the impact of a projectile up to 65.1 millimeters in size when thrown at a speed of 90 miles per hour.

Sports Glasses FAQs

Can You Get Prescription Sports Glasses?

Yes, many types of sports prescription eyeglasses can be made with or without a prescription. When shopping with us, you simply need to choose the active frame you like and add your prescription to the lenses. With this information, you can get a pair of glasses that protect your eyes during your favorite sports without compromising your vision.

How Do You Keep Glasses on During Sports?

The best way to ensure your glasses stay on your face during activities that require heavy motion is to purchase a strap for your frames or opt for a pair of sports goggles. This will prevent your eyewear from slipping down your face and keep them securely suctioned around your eyes.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Clear Glasses?

While some baseball players do opt to wear tinted or polarized glasses when on the field, other players wear clear glasses simply to protect the face from debris, weather conditions, or even the impact of the baseball. Some people who need prescription eyewear prefer clear sports glasses to contact lenses or their regular glasses.

Should I Buy Straps for My Glasses or Sports Goggles?

Purchasing a strap for your sport eyeglasses is a great idea if you are concerned about your eyewear falling off your face while running or during other activities that require agility and speed. Basketball, baseball, racket sports, golf, and cycling are all examples of sports that a strap would be beneficial.

Should I Get My Child Sports Sunglasses?

Eye injuries often occur during children’s sports, especially with younger children who are new to the activity or still developing their coordination skills. Getting your child sports sunglasses is the best way to protect their eyes from common sports-related eye injuries such as lacerations to the eyelid, broken blood vessels, contamination, and corneal abrasions.


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