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Nike is famous for its trendsetting sports apparel. The same combination of style and functionality comes in full force with Nike womens glasses. When you shop with Marvel Optics, you can browse all of Nike’s stylish glasses for the optimal pair for whichever sport you prefer. You are then able to customize your frames and lenses to personalize your glasses and add your prescription.

Your Choice of Stylish Frames

Like all Nike apparel, Nike women’s eyeglass frames are stylish without sacrificing performance capability. Depending on what is your personal style and what glasses look good on you, you can find many different options to choose from. If you prefer small aerodynamic frames, there are many different lightweight Nike womens glasses frames. If thicker, more modern frames are your style, there are also great options.

The Perfect Glasses for Your Lifestyle

If you always are looking for the best equipment to play your preferred sport, shouldn’t you do the same for your eyes? For most activities, having a high-quality and study pair of glasses is essential. Choose your glasses frames with this in mind. Whether you love running, basketball or golf, you can find Nike womens glasses that fit your needs. Even if you need glasses for reading or using a computer, there are great pairs available to match your sense of style as well as convenience.

Marvel Optics Customization

The best part of ordering womens Nike glasses from Marvel Optics is the customization options. Not only is it easy to add your prescription to your glasses, you can personalize with all different kinds of features to fit your needs. Get thinner lenses, UV protection, anti-scratch technology and more added to your glasses. Simply select the pair of glasses you love and follow our step-by-step customization options.


Can I get Nike women's glasses with my prescription?

Yes, when you order with Marvel Optics, you can add your prescription to your glasses. You can either take a picture of your prescription given to you by an eye doctor or type it in manually. If you are unsure of what all those numbers actually mean, take a look at our easy guide on reading your prescription.

How do I know my pupillary distance (PD)?

Your pupillary distance may be included on your prescription. If you are unable to find it, you can measure your pupillary distance at home. It is helpful to have another person measure this for you, but you can also do it yourself. You need to measure the distance from the center of your pupils. Follow our helpful guide for measuring PD.

What safety options can I add to my glasses?

Marvel Optics has many different safety options to add to your glasses, such as premium anti-reflective coating, UV protection, oil and fingerprint resistance, anti-fog (hydrophobic) technology and digital screen protection. These customization options are available for many styles of frames.

What glasses are best for using a computer?

There are a few different options for computer glasses. When you customize your glasses, you can choose to add digital screen protection as a safety feature. You can also consider adding a yellow tint to your glasses to soothe eye strain when looking at computer screens.

How will I know if my glasses frames will fit?

On each pair of glasses Marvel Optics offers, we display a guide showing the measurements of parts of your glasses. You can see the frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width. Compare these measurements with your face to see if a particular pair of glasses will fit. You can also consult our helpful guide on picking the correct frames to fit your face.


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