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Check out the latest styles of Nike prescription glasses available at Marvel Optics. If you recognize Nike apparel for its quality and trendsetting styles, you will also love their eyeglasses, perfect for anyone who lives an active lifestyle playing sports or always busy. You will get the strength and reliability of Nike prescription eyeglasses along with great customization options from Marvel Optics.

Stylish Nike Eyeglasses

Nike prescription glasses come in many different styles, so you are sure to find something that suits your taste. Not sure what glasses will fit best fit your face? Check out our helpful guide to figure out what shape of glasses will look best on you. Then, whether you prefer sleek and athletic or large and modern frames, Nike will have a pair just for you.

The Best Glasses While Active

Nike’s glasses are designed with athletes and other active people in mind. Whether you are watching for oncoming cars while running or keeping track of a tennis ball, you can rely on a pair Nike eyeglasses to fit your needs. Or, maybe you are interested in protecting your eyes while looking at a computer screen or smartphone. Options are available for Nike prescription glasses with blue screen protecting lenses, as well as other great customization options.

Customize With Marvel Optics

After picking out your favorite pair of Nike prescription glasses, Marvel Optics will take you through their step by step customization process. There you will be able to select the best type of lenses for your eyes and add additional safety features. There are several different safety packages available, ranging from Basic, with anti-scratch and anti-reflective technology, to Premium, with thinner lenses and additional fog and oil resistance. You will also be able to input your own prescription, either by uploading a photo or by inputting it manually. It couldn’t be easier to order and customize your own Nike glasses.


How do I order Nike prescription glasses?

Marvel Optics makes it easy to order Nike glasses with your prescription. If you are confused by your prescription, we are here to help. Take a look at our guide on reading your prescription. To make things even easier, you can either upload a photo with your prescription or enter it manually.

How do I find out my pupillary distance (PD)?

Your pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils while you look straight ahead. Many prescriptions list your PD, but if yours does not, don’t worry. You can measure your PD at home. It is easy if you have someone to help, but you can measure it yourself. Follow along with our guide on measuring your pupillary distance.

What safety feature can I add to my Nike prescription glasses?

When adding safety features to your glasses, you can choose between adding a safety package or customizing your package with specific features. You can add premium anti-reflective technology, UV protection, oil and fingerprint resistance, anti-fog coating, and others.

What kinds of lenses can I get in my Nike prescription eyeglasses?

Depending on your prescription you can get both single and multi-focal lenses. For single vision lenses, you will have the option between standard and Premium Digital (HD) lenses with higher clarity and better optics. This is also available for multi-focal lenses, as well as progressive and bifocal lenses. Reading and non-prescription lenses are also available.

What is digital screen protection?

Digital screen protection allows lenses to filter out the harmful blue light from computer and smartphone screens. This filtering decreases eye strain and can be helpful for anyone who spends a long time looking at screens. Some have found filtering lenses lead to fewer headaches and better sleep.


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