Prescription Sunglasses

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Whether you’re looking for a pair of fashion frames or sporty, functional eyewear that enables you to perform your best, Marvel Optics carries an extensive collection of prescription sunglasses. Find a variety of frame shapes including:

  • Rectangular
  • Aviator
  • Browline
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Cat-eye
  • Wraparound

Invest in a pair of quality sunglasses with prescription lenses today to get the most out of your time outdoors and protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. We carry multiple lens color options, polarized lenses, anti-scratch lenses, photochromic lenses and more, so you can customize your eyewear for your unique needs. Choose single, progressive, or bifocal lenses, and easily enter your prescription before you finish your order.

Top-Brand Sunglasses

Find glasses by top-selling brands at a great deal. We carry many frames from Wiley X, a company known for making some of the best eyewear on the market. Unbreakable frames, impact-resistant lenses, enhanced clarity, and sleek styles are a few of the reasons these glasses are so popular, especially among outdoor enthusiasts, military, and motorcyclists. You can also find eyewear from other big brand names such as 3M, Hudson Optical, Global Vision, Uvex, Mline, and OnGuard.

Budget Frames

If you’re looking for saving as much money as possible on your new sunglasses, we’ve got you covered. With frames as low as $25, you’re guaranteed to find a pair within your budget. Since you have the option to customize your lenses, you can put your money towards only the features you care about most. Opt for standard lenses or spend a bit extra to get premium high-definition digital lenses. There are many ways you can enhance your lenses such as adding a polarization tint, choosing polycarbonate lenses, or investing in UV protection and anti-scratch technology. Choose a basic package and opt for only the essentials if you’re looking for other ways to save.

Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Can I Get Prescription Lenses in My Sunglasses?

It is very easy to get almost any pair of sunglasses made with prescription sunglass lenses. Glasses must have a base curve size of 8 or less to work with prescription lenses. If you have a very strong prescription, you may need to buy a thicker or rounded frame to accommodate your prescription.

Can You Order Prescription Sunglasses Online?

Yes, shopping for prescription sunglasses online opens up a wide variety of options. When shopping with us, start by picking a frame that you like, paying close attention to its size and construction. Choose a color that best fits your needs, and indicate if you want the lenses to be polarized or photochromic. Then enter or submit a picture of your prescription.

How Can I Quickly Get Prescription Sunglasses?

It often takes anywhere from three to seven days to make a custom pair of prescription glasses. A stronger prescription and added special features affect the time it takes to finish your glasses. When shopping with Marvel Optics, you can pick and order your new glasses in minutes. In most cases, we’ll have your sunglasses shipped within 10 to 14 business days.

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It?

Prescription sunglasses are the ideal choice of eyewear if you spend a lot of time outdoors and need corrective lenses to see clearly. They are also a good choice for athletes who need anti-glare technology or photochromic lenses. Normal eyeglasses typically don’t offer full UV protection or help the eyes better adjust to bright light.

Can You Wear Prescription Sunglasses While Driving?

Wearing sunglasses while driving can help you better see the road in front of you without bright light from the sun affecting your vision. While polarized prescription sunglasses are acceptable when driving a car, this technology should be avoided when riding a motorcycle. Most driving sunglasses are made with clear or gray lenses.


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