Eyeglass frame shapes can be a major factor when choosing the perfect frame. With the right frame shape, you can emphasize your best features. For this reason, we recommend choosing your eyeglasses frame shape based on your overall facial structure, on top of your own personal tastes.


Rectangle Glasses

People come in all shapes and sizes with many different styles and tastes, so should your eyeglasses. So, whether you are looking for rectangle eyeglasses that are simple and classic with metal frames and small arms, or square eyeglasses that are fashionable with plastic frames and thick arms with elaborate embellishments on the arms; with our large variety of styles and frames so that you can be sure to find the perfect frames for you.

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Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator Eyeglasses

The very popular aviator shape is no longer just a sunglasses staple. In recent years, many recognized brands have added  aviator eyeglasses styles to their product lineup, in various colors and material.  In men and women sizes, aviator eyeglasses can be worn with prescription lenses or with a dummy “fake” lens to offer a causal, yet sophisticated look.

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Oval Glasses

Oval eyeglass frames are typically best suited on a face that has very strong or features angular lines. The softness of the oval shaped frame complements the strong qualities of the face. Not sure how round eyeglasses would look on you? Try them on with our convenient tool that allows you to upload a picture of your face and place the eyeglasses on the photo so that you can see exactly how a specific pair of glasses will look on you.

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Round Glasses

Round eyeglasses are some of the most popular glasses on the market for decades and Marvel Optics gives you the biggest online selection of high quality glasses that no competitor can beat with cheap glasses starting as low as $5.95. Round eyeglasses are frames that feature circular lenses and includes both oval frames and round frames.

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Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are a style that’s popularity has faded with time, but still remain a trendy option. The sassy and fashionable look of cat eyeglass frames emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and has gone through some ups and downs, but always remained a mainstay for a popular eyeglasses shape. While cat eyeglass frames can be found in many materials, typically this is a plastic frame that features an upsweep on the upper corners or the temple of the lens area where it meets the frame oftentimes accompanied by an embellishment or design. While cat eyeglass frames as most generally defined as a women’s frame, there are some tasteful masculine variations of the cat eyeglasses at Marvel Optics.

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Browline Eyeglasses

The browline frame has a very distinct and fashionable design. The frame is designed to mimic the way eyebrows frame the face, which is designed for people with longer faces.

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Geometric Eyeglasses

Geometric glasses are for people looking to make a bold statement. The unique style is crafted in acetate and lightweight metals giving your frames the perfect balance of style and lightweight.

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Wayfarer Eyeglasses

The classic Wayfarer frame is back and better than ever. Going back to the classic 80’s pop culture look and bringing it to present day. These timeless classics were brought back by modern day celebrities and fitting to any every day look.

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Horn Eyeglasses

Horn eyeglasses have a similar style to cat eye frames due to the horned appearance. The difference is the horned frame has a more slick style fitting to people that have oval and rectangular faces.

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Square Eyeglasses

Geek & Retro Eyeglasses

Geek Eyeglasses is for people who want to let their inner geek out. The frames are made from top materials such as acetate, metals, and plastics. Geek eyeglasses are designed for durability and all day comfort.

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Square Eyeglasses

Square Eyeglasses, a classic that goes with just about any outfit. The flexibility that square eyeglasses offers is the main selling point. Wear them at work, during the evening, or at a formal, this shape will surely impress. MarvelOptics offers hundreds of square eyeglasses in various size shape and color.

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