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OnGuard safety glasses are designed to provide superior eye protection for industrial applications and sports. This eyewear brand makes styles with plastic or metal frames and shatterproof lenses that meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance. Shop a selection of prescription-ready safety glasses.

Safety-Rated Eyewear

Most OnGuard frames made of either metal or plastic are designed to stand up to the Z87.1 basic impact standard. This standard is determined by a ball drop impact test in which a metal ball one inch in diameter and weighing about 2.4 ounces is dropped on eyewear from a height of 50 inches. To meet this requirement, the frames must not break and lenses cannot shatter. Glasses that meet the Z87.1 standard provide a sufficient level of protection for many environments in which a wearer’s eyes may be exposed to impact risks.

If you are required to wear safety glasses on the job, check whether the frames you are considering meet the applicable standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard 29 CFR 1910.133(b)(2) for protective eyewear references the Z87.1 standard. OnGuard eyewear with a Z87 rating should be suitable for most work environments.

Protective Prescription Lenses

The ability to see clearly is an important factor for safety on the job or in the field. OnGuard prescription glasses can satisfy most vision correction needs. Corrective lenses in safety glasses should provide the same level of protection as non-prescription shatterproof lenses. Safety eyewear should also prioritize optical clarity.

The base curve of safety glasses frames may determine the range of compatible lens strength. If you require thicker, high-power lenses, check to see whether the style you are considering is high RX compatible. A range of diopters may also be specified for certain frames. Choose from single vision, multifocal or reading lenses and enter your prescription. Prescription safety lenses can also provide UV protection and may be available in a choice of tints or finishes.

OnGuard™ Safety Glasses FAQs

What are some safety features of OnGuard eyewear?

OnGuard safety glasses are Z87.1 rated for impact resistance. Standard and prescription lenses are shatterproof. Most styles of this protective eyewear provide a level of protection sufficient for industrial and high-intensity sports applications. Some styles feature built-in side shields or Permashield protection to offer more coverage from impact risks.

How can I order OnGuard prescription safety glasses?

Select a pair of OnGuard safety prescription glasses frames and determine whether prescription diopters are in the available range. Some frames are suitable for high RX lenses while others can only accommodate less powerful prescriptions. Choose single, multi-focal or reading lenses and complete the customization process with finishes or tints.

Which frame materials are used in OnGuard safety eyewear?

OnGuard makes metal and plastic safety frames. Many styles feature full rims. Metal frames may have adjustable nose pads and rubber temples for a comfortable fit. Some plastic models feature a wraparound profile for a close fit, a colored or patterned top bar and clear lower frames and side shields.

What company manufactures OnGuard safety glasses?

OnGuard glasses are made by Hilco Vision. This international eye care and eyewear company specializes in making protective equipment for industrial and sports applications and also sells eye care products and accessories. Choose from a full selection of OnGuard glasses across the Elite, Flex Titanium, Wrap and non-conductive product lines.

Can OnGuard frames be fitted with tinted lenses?

Standard and prescription OnGuard glasses may come with a choice of standard, gradient or mirrored tint in shades such as grey, brown, green, blue, yellow, red or purple. Some frames are compatible with gray, green or brown polarized tints. Other options may include blue-blocking digital screen protection or photochromic treatments.


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