Sunglass frame shape are a big factor in choosing the best sunglasses for your individual needs. If you are looking for blend of fashion and functionality we have a variety of Polarized and Prescription Sunglasses that will enhance your look. When picking Sunglasses that will best fit your face shape use our face shape guide to make the best decisions.


Prescription Aviator Sunglasses

The very popular and classic aviator shape has been a sunglass staple for decades. Lets just say you can never go wrong with cool Aviator Shape sunglasses. In recent years, many recognized brands have added  Prescription Aviator Sunglasses to their product lineup, in various colors and material.  You can get both Mens and Women’s Aviator Sunglasses with prescription lenses or with a dummy “fake” lens to offer a causal, yet sophisticated look.

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Prescription Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-Eye Sunglasses also known as Cat eyes or Cat Glasses are a very popular shape of sunglasses that first came on the scene in 1950 and 1960’s. They were further popularized when celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe among many others made Cat-Eye Sunglasses wildly popular with their styles and looks.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses have truly stood test of time and are popular to this day as preferred styling choice for women around the world who are looking to stand out and wear something out of the box. Our Cat Eye sunglasses come in a variety of colors to enhance your outfit and overall look.

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Prescription Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses are perfect for Square, Diamond and Heart face shapes. Round sunglasses have the classic look and perfect for people who take ownership in their sense of style.

What do the Round Sunglasses say about the person wearing them? People who wear Round Sunglasses have unique sense of style and are more individualistic than your average person and might have an appreciation for history or vintage style.

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Prescription Browline Sunglasses

Browline Sunglasses have been popular since 150’s and 1960’s in USA and they are amongst the top retro designs of sunglasses ever created. The name Browline Sunglasses comes from the shape of the upper part of the frames as it closely resembles the way eyebrows frames the eyes.

Browline Sunglasses are perfect for people who have Oval, Square, Diamond or Pear Face shape. It is important to pick Eyeglasses based on your face shape and sense of style. Our How to Guides can help you pick the perfect frames for your needs.

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Prescription Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric Sunglasses come in a variety of Geometric or also known as irregular shapes. 2019 has been the year where people have favored Geometric patterns to express their individuality and sense of fashion. More and More people choose to stand out and cherish their sense of style and freedom over confirming to the norm. Geometric Sunglasses adds an essential spark with variety of colors and patterns to bring out the best in you.

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Prescription Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle Sunglasses are ideal for people with round or oval face shape. Rectangular shaped frames are wider than they are tall, Sharp edge rectangle sunglasses have a sporty look to them and can be worn outdoors to sporting events such as ball games, finishing and parks. Rectangle sunglasses with round edges are perfect for professionals who want to step out in the sun and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

All our Rectangle Sunglasses come with UV protection and can be upgraded to polarized lens for maximum protection.

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Prescription Square Sunglasses

In the world of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses, Square Sunglasses are never too far from trending and fashionable. Square Sunglasses are not truly square in shape they are slightly asymmetrical and that is for your own good. No one wants to have two square boxes sitting on top of your eyes.

Oval and Round are the best face shapes for Square Sunglasses. Go out in style and carry the latest sunglass fashion styles from

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Prescription Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses are a classic and customer favorite. This shape is universal and goes on most face shape types. This popular design and shape can be worn by people in all walks of life such as athlete’s, professionals, students, parents and can be frequently used for outdoor and indoor events. The universality of Wayfarer sunglasses is its biggest asset and appeal for all generations. has the best selection of Prescription Wayfarer Sunglasses with polarized, transition or tinted lens.

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Prescription Horn Sunglasses

Are you bold? Are you seeking high fashion? Then Prescription Horn Sunglasses are just the right frames for you. Horn Sunglasses will bring the best out of your sense of style and take your looks to the next level. Everyone should have at-least one pair of Horn sunglasses in their eyewear collection.

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Hipster / Retro / Geek Prescription Sunglasses

If you love to experiment with your looks then Hipster, Retro and Geek Prescription Sunglasses gives you that opportunity. Different personas provide you to step out of your everyday look or extend your personality to learn new aspects of life. Even a simple yet effective change such as wearing Geek or Hipster or Retro looking sunglasses has a major impact.

So try something new today with Retro, Hipster and Geek Prescription Sunglasses

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