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The Champion brand has existed for over a century providing a wide range of products that fall under the categories of casual wear, footwear and accessories. The brand has been synonymous with both performance and style to maximize your experiences both on and off the field. Now that same level of quality and timeless flair can be had when it comes to your eyewear. Champion glasses are available in various styles, shapes and colors at Marvel Optics. Take your vision game to the next level with eyeglasses that help you express your personal style.

Winning With Champion Glasses

Each of us have our own races to run. Whether it’s on a court, off the beaten path or in the journey of life, having the right gear equips us to meet the challenge every time. There’s a winner in each of us and having the right pair of Champion glasses helps bring out the champion within. No matter your style or your particular journey, you’re ready to seize the day with quality frames brought to you by Marvel Optics.

Upholding the Vision With Champion Prescription Glasses

Seeing the path forward requires your vision to be on-point. You can move confidently knowing that your options for Champion glasses also includes prescription lenses. The perfect set of Champion prescription glasses awaits you with lenses designed for single vision, bifocals, progressive and more. While you may not be able to see the finish line just yet, you can always keep the vision for every step of life’s journey.

Flexing With Champion Eyeglasses

No two people paths will look exactly the same, and Marvel Optics understands this. We’ve partnered with Champion to bring you eyeglasses that are flexible, both literally and figuratively to suit your lifestyle. Shop a wide assortment of Champion eyeglasses to flex on the challenges ahead with high performance and top style!

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Champion Glasses FAQs

What shipping options are available for ordering?

At Marvel Optics, it is our goal to make sure that you get your Champion glasses or other frames as soon as possible. We offer various shipping options to make sure you get your frames when you need them. All orders over $99 come with free shipping, so you can enjoy fast delivery and save a little money at the same time!

How do I find the right frames for my face?

No two customers are exactly the same when it comes to finding the most complementary frames. We offer a handy guide that takes the guesswork out of comparing frames to the shape of your face. When you have a better understanding of how to buy Champion eyeglasses, you can shop confidently!

How do I keep up with Marvel Optics?

Following Marvel Optics is easier than ever. You can catch us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even LinkedIn to get the latest on quality Champion glasses and more. Get the inside scoop on trends in eyewear as well as exclusive offers by following us or signing up for our email list.

What is the pupillary distance and why does it matter?

The pupillary distance or PD is the distance from the center of one pupil to the other. This varies from person to person. It changes as you grow during childhood but remains constant after adulthood. When shopping for Champion prescription sunglasses, it’s especially important to have this value right. We even show you how to measure your PD yourself.

What are my options for narrowing down categories?

One of the easiest ways to find eyewear is to shop by brand, so finding Champion glasses is easy. You can also shop by features, dimensions and even intended activity. Are you looking for prescription glasses that are ideal for driving? Shop our eyewear by category to land on the perfect pair.


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