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Global Vision™ Safety Glasses FAQs

Staying safe while you’re at work is vital. Unfortunately, national statistics state that workplace accidents can and do happen. This is why it is crucial to take the right precautionary measures. One of the biggest steps to take for workplace safety is investing inappropriate gear. Eyewear like Global Vision safety glasses, for example, can reduce the odds of a sudden impact to the eye leading to serious damage to your face or vision.

Follow Safety Regulations

Though safety eyewear is a requirement in a number of industries, annual reports suggest that protocol is not always followed. Not only are eye injuries common in the workplace, but statistics also showcase these injuries can result in serious health issues and vision impairment. By investing in Global Vision prescription safety glasses, you are taking matters seriously and doing your part to shield your eyes from the many hidden dangers of your job. What’s more, wearing quality eyewear helps you remain compliant with the various safety standards and regulations of your specific industry.

Consider Workplace Risks

Selecting the best option from Global Vision Eyewear comes down to the nature of your line of work. If you are in an industrial environment each day and surrounded by complex machinery, you’ll need thick, durable glasses that will not shatter or break after an impact. Similarly, working in an environment with hazardous chemicals means goggles that completely cover your eyes are the best Global Vision glasses to invest in. Consider the requirements of your job and it can make a big difference with how your eyewear handles the demands placed on it.

Global Vision™ Safety Glasses FAQs

What Are the Best Safety Glasses?

Selecting the best safety Global Vision safety glasses comes down to what you need the eyewear for. Research your options to determine which model will be the most useful when it comes to the various hazards and common accidents related to your particular line of work. This will ensure your eyewear can handle what you need it for.

Do I Need Safety Glasses for Work?

Whether you need safety glasses for work will be largely dependent on what you do. If an organization like OSHA requires you to wear some form of protective eyewear while performing your job, then you absolutely must follow this regulation in order to avoid hefty fines and other consequences.

What Does z87 Mean on Safety Glasses?

The designation ANSI-z87 is found on a number of models of safety glasses. This can be a good sign to look for, as it is a label used to show that the eyewear has been tested according to the rigorous standards of the American National Standards Institute and have met the requirements. This rating also means the eyewear is approved by OSHA.

Can Safety Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?

There is an old rumor that suggests wearing safety glasses can impair your vision and cause long-term issues. This is not true and is a myth that can cause actual harm when believed. Wearing safety glasses protects you and aims to reduce the odds of injuries to your eyes or damage to your vision.

Can Safety Glasses Be Prescription?

Yes! Safety glasses can definitely be fitted with your prescription. If you rely on glasses to see, wearing cumbersome goggles over your existing eyewear can be an uncomfortable experience. Having safety glasses made with your prescription makes the entire experience easier on your eyes and your feelings of comfort while on the job.

When you invest in Global Vision safety glasses, you are taking your safety while at work into your own hands. Discover the most appropriate eyewear for the demands of your job by exploring the extensive selection available at Marvel Optics. Once you’ve found a pair that meets your standards, you’ll be doing your part to stay protected at work.


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