Prescription Basketball Goggles

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If you play basketball, you know that protecting your eyes is important. Between fingers, elbows and the ball, there are plenty of hazards that can get you in the eye. It only takes one bad incident to have permanent damage. At Marvel Options, we have regular and prescription basketball goggles to help you stay safe on the court.

Customize Your Goggles

When you order your sports goggles for basketball from Marvel Optics, you will have the option to choose between standard and prescription lenses. If you select the latter, you will find numerous options for customization. This includes features such as anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. We also provide options for HD lenses and more.

We want you to take to the court with the best eye protection possible. So, we offer a variety of goggle options and plenty of choice for your lenses. Prescription basketball goggles can only protect your eyes if you wear them. If your lenses negatively affect your play, you’ll be inclined to skip them. Therefore, we do everything we can to provide you with high-quality and safe goggles.

Sport Glasses

Not everyone likes the feel of goggles. If you want something a little more comfortable, consider prescription basketball glasses. These are like more typical safety glasses but designed to be work while playing. Of course, glasses won’t stay on your head as easily as goggle with a headband. However, they are much better than nothing. Plus, they can help you see if you need corrective lenses.

Like goggles, our sports glasses for basketball can be customized with prescription lenses and many lens options. You can take to the court knowing you’ll have perfect vision and well-protected eyes every time. At Marvel Optics, your vision is our priority. We are dedicated to offering high-quality protective and corrective lenses. Explore our options for basketball goggles and glasses today.

Prescription Basketball Goggles FAQs

Can I Play Basketball With Glasses?

It is not recommended to play basketball or any other sport with your regular glasses. There are special sport glasses for basketball; however, the best option is typically to use basketball goggles. These have a headband that will help to keep them in place while you play. You can even get them with corrective lenses.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Goggles While Playing?

Some basketball players wear goggles to protect their eyes. Vision injuries are common in any sport that involves fast-moving objects such as balls. Other players wear sport goggles for basketball with prescriptions. Although contact lenses are an option, many people prefer the security and protection of corrective goggles.

Can You Get a Prescription on Sports Glasses?

Yes, at Marvel Optics, we have many options for prescription basketball glasses and other sports glasses. When you find a pair of goggles you like, select the “Prescription Lens” option on the product page. When you are ready to add them to your cart, you can choose your lens options and enter your prescription.

How Do You Defog Basketball Goggles?

The best way to avoid fogging on your basketball goggles is to choose a pair treated with an anti-fogging product. You can also buy such a treatment separately. If you find yourself still struggling with fogging, try rubbing baby shampoo or shaving cream on the lenses before a game (don’t forget to rinse it off). In a pinch, even saliva can work.

What Are the Best Frames for Basketball Glasses?

The best frames for any application are the ones that fit your face comfortably and will protect your eyes. Measure your face before you order a pair of goggles to ensure that they will fit properly. Also, look for polycarbonate lenses. These are rated for resisting impacts and protecting your eyes.


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