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Keep the wind, rain, sun, and bugs at bay with help from prescription motocross/ATV sunglasses from Marvel Optics. You may or may not use a face shield when you ride, but that doesn’t mean you can do without sunglasses. They offer protection from damaging UV sun rays that face shields don’t, and besides, you likely take the shield off or slide it up every chance you get. Along with sun protection, prescription motocross glasses offer multiple features for motorcycle riders, including impact resistance, night vision, and anti-fog capabilities.

Frame Features

Choose from a range of styles in motocross glasses to fit your riding style. For serious riders who can’t afford distractions on the track, check out the WileyX Romer 3 with a wrap-back design that gives you an uninterrupted field of vision. Additional features of different sunglasses in our collection include the following:

  • Foam brow bar for added comfort
  • Facial cavity seal to keep the dust out
  • Non-slip nose pads that keep the glasses in place
  • Adjustable nose pieces to fit any face

Prescription motocross/ATV sunglasses offer comfortable protection that you can wear without worrying about constant adjustment. The WileyX Saber Advanced comes with telescoping temples that can be adjusted to fit any face size.

Lens Features

Lenses in motocross and prescription ATV glasses can help you see better in all kinds of light, from hazy mornings to darkest nights. Polarized lenses cut glare, while others feature anti-fog protection for clear visibility. Additional color options help enhance low-light conditions and contrast. Lenses feature full UV protection, scratch prevention, and shatterproof construction, meeting high-velocity and mass-impact safety standards.

Browse Our Sunglass Selection

Whether you choose prescription motocross/ATV sunglasses for their cool factor or practical reasons, Marvel Optics has a great selection. Browse through the features each one offers to help narrow your choice. If you’re not sure what size frame you need, refer to our frame-sizing guide for help choosing the right fit.

Prescription Motocross/Atv Sunglasses FAQs

Can I Wear Prescription Motocross Glasses With a Helmet?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it! Both items are needed protection for anyone who rides motocross bikes, motorcycles or ATVs. Most helmets are designed to accommodate sunglasses with a recessed area at the temple. If you’re unsure about yours, look for low-profile sunglasses with a sleek silhouette and straight, thin temple arms.

Can I Wear Polarized Lensed While Riding?

Yes, you can. Polarized lenses cut sun glare and are very helpful if you ride near snow, water or in traffic, where reflections off of chrome bumpers and mirrors can cause a problem. This type of lens is available in a range of gray tones, with darker shades creating greater polarization.

What Are the Best Sunglasses for Motocross?

If you ride a dirt track, you can help prevent eye irritation with sunglasses that offer a close-fitting seal around the eyes to keep out dust and debris. If you ride in the desert on bright days, you should consider polarized lenses, which can help you see the variations, hills and dips on light-colored sand.

Which Sunglass Lens Color Is Best for Riding?

It depends where you do most of your riding. If you want better contrast to help differentiate between rocks and sand, choose a yellow shade. A brown tint will also boost contrast while giving you the best clarity. Gray tones show the truest colors, however, so if that’s important, choose gray.

Can I Get Prescription Lenses in Motocross Sunglasses?

Yes, you can order many of our sports and other sunglasses with prescription lenses, including those for motocross. It’s quick and easy to order them through our website. Simply select your sunglasses and choose prescription lenses; we’ll take you through the rest of the ordering process from there, step by step.


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