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Find the best Nike mens glasses at Marvel Optics. Nike is known for their great sports apparel and their glasses are no exception. Both stylish and effective for anyone with an active lifestyle, men everywhere trust Nike’s durable eyeglasses. Order your glasses with your prescription from Marvel Optics and customize them to fit your needs.

Stylish Mens Nike Glasses Frames

The Nike check mark is known all over the world as a sign of stylish sports apparel. The check mark across all of the Nike men’s eyeglass frames available marks the same kind of easy and athletic style. If you prefer seek and aerodynamic glasses, you will find great styles with thinner rims and great color. If you prefer a more modern look, check out all the latest large frames with boxy angles. If you are unsure what looks good on your face, check out our handy guide on choosing your frames.

Made for an Active Lifestyle

Nike mens glasses, like all their apparel, is designed with an active lifestyle in mind. Whether you need to be ready to play your preferred sport or just spend a lot of your time on your feet on the run, you can find a pair of Nike eyeglasses that fit your needs. Check out each pair and see what activities is listed under each. These aren’t the only activities you can do with these glasses, but keep it in mind when making a decision about which pair is best for you.

Marvel Optics Customization Options

The best part of ordering from Marvel Optics is being able to customize your Nike mens glasses with all the features you would like. You can choose what kind of lenses you will get, their safety features and add your prescription. You can upload a photo of your prescription or enter it manually.


Can I get prescription mens Nike glasses?

Yes, when you order with Marvel Optics you can add your prescription to your favorite pair. To order, simply follow the step by step customization process and enter your prescription when prompted. You can either upload a photo or enter it manually. If you are unsure how to read your prescription, check out our informative guide.

How will I know if my mens Nike glasses frames will fit my face?

On each pair of Nike glasses available, you will see the different measurements of the frames. These include frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width. Compare these measurement to your face or your current pair of glasses to get a better idea of how they will fit on your face.

Can I get mens Nike glasses with bifocals?

Yes, you can get Nike glasses with bifocals. Both bifocal and progressive lenses are available for multi-focal prescriptions, so you can get whichever you prefer. Premium Digital Lenses (HD) are also available, which use the latest technology to make for the cleanest and most crisp optics around.

What is digital screen protection?

Digital screen protection is a feature you can add to your glasses to filter out the harmful blue light of computer and smartphone screens. This is a great feature for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at a screen, as it can reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from the harmful rays emitted by these screens.

What safety features can I add to my glasses?

There are many additional safety features you can add to your glasses in customization. This includes features like premium anti-reflective technology, UV protection, oil and fingerprint resistance, anti-fog (hydrophobic) lenses and others. You can either choose a package of safety features or customize your own package.


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