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Rough terrain, changing lights conditions and the sheer physical effort needed for the sport makes mountain biking a challenge for every rider, on every ride. For prescription mountain bike sunglasses that are up to the challenge, come to Marvel Optics. We carry an excellent collection of sturdy, durable sunglasses that you can depend on to help you complete a safe run through the gnarl and stay in the zone through unpredictable conditions.

Full Range of Features

Mountain bike prescription sunglasses provide several advantages for rough-terrain riders. Along with fully shielding your eyes from harmful sun rays, sunglasses keep dirt and debris out of tender eyes so that you can see every foot of the trail. Shatterproof lenses also serve to protect you from rocks thrown up by the tires, which can cause severe damage. Prescription mountain bike sunglasses also have additional features, including the following:

  • Adjustable Nose Pieces: Find the most comfortable fit for your face in glasses such as the WileyX Vapor.
  • Lens Coatings: Special coatings provide extreme protection from scratches and anti-fog capabilities, both of which can interfere with your vision.
  • Wrap-Back Frames: With elongated frames and lenses that curve backward, you have a full field of vision without obstruction.
  • Removable Facial Cavity Seal: Guarantees that fine dust cannot find its way into your eyes.

With the variety of prescription sunglasses for mountain biking that are available, you also have multiple options in lenses to enhance your vision. The WileyX Omega and others offer polarized lenses to cut the glare on desert rides so you can see every rock and curve in the trail. Other lens colors include yellow for reduced contrast and glare, brown for increased contrast and clarity, and various shades of gray for accurate colors.

Browse Our Sunglasses

Mountain biking prescription sunglasses give sports enthusiasts who need vision correction the opportunity to shred trails like any other rider without worrying about sun, wind, rain, and debris. Browse our collection for all the features you want in prescription mountain bike sunglasses. For help choosing frames, consult our frame-sizing guide.

Prescription Mountain Bike Sunglasses FAQs

Which Glasses Are Best for Mountain Biking?

That depends on a lot of factors, such as where you ride. If you ride where there is a lot of fine dust, you might want to invest in a pair of sunglasses that offer a sealed fit to keep dirt and grit out of your eyes. All of our sunglasses provide sun protection and shatterproof lenses.

What Color of Lenses Is Best?

Different lenses can help you see better in varying light conditions. Yellow tones will help you pick out shifting terrain conditions with better contrast, while brown tones provide better clarity while helping add contrast, too. Gray tones give you true-to-life colors, with increasing polarization with each darker shade you choose.

Can I Get Sunglasses With Prescription Lenses?

At Marvel Optics, prescription mountain bike sunglasses are one of our specialties, and we offer this option in most of our sunglasses. Some frames are unable to accommodate higher prescription strengths. However, we’ll note that in the description. Now you can enjoy your sport and see clearly while doing it.

Can I Get Sunglasses With an Expired Prescription?

Depending on where you live, your prescription is good for either one or two years. It’s essential to have your eyes examined on a regular basis to account for any changes in vision and also to ensure they remain healthy. You should not try to buy corrective sunglasses with an expired prescription.

Is it Okay to Wear Polarized Lenses While Riding?

Yes, polarized lenses are excellent for riding. Polarized lenses cut the glare and can be very helpful in environments with bright sunlight, such as trail rides in the desert where the sun can bounce off just about everything. That much sun can be a distraction and keep you from really seeing the terrain.


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