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For over 85 years, the Sperry brand has been synonymous with American cool. Specializing in footwear inspired by nautical style, Sperry has been a go-to for generations of people who love an effortless and breezy casual style. Now the Sperry brand brings that same level of classic cool to your face with glasses designed to meet your eyewear needs, both indoor and outdoor. Marvel Optics stands as your trusted retailer for eyewear that brings clarity to the various aspects of your lifestyle. Get into the latest and greatest when it comes to Sperry glasses.

Sperry Glasses For Every Moment

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or not, you can be confident that there’s a set of Sperry glasses that are perfect for you. Eyewear just isn’t your typical accessory piece. The right frames can really enhance your appearance. For special occasions or getting around town, Marvel Optics helps you and your favorite folks put your own spin on how you see the world. Whether you need to dress things up or chill down, you’re sure to find a look that lets you put your best face forward.

Sperry Prescription Glasses For Every Style

For many of our customers, having the right set of glasses makes the difference when it comes to your vision. Whether you have your sights set high on things in the distance or you’re focused on objects up-close, you’ll be happy to know that Sperry prescription glasses are available. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function or vice versa. We even offer a handy guide on finding the right pair for your eyesight requirements.

Seize the Day With Sperry Prescription Sunglasses

Sunlight and other types of light can strain your eyes due to glare. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to preserving your vision. Marvel Optics offers Sperry prescription sunglasses that help you see and avoid strain no matter the time of the day. Come here to find the right set of Sperry glasses for the look you deserve!

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Sperry Glasses FAQs

What shapes of frames are available to order?

We offer all kinds of frames in Sperry glasses to suit the shapes of our customers faces. Choose from aviator, cat eye, browline, oval, rectangle, round, square and more! As you browse through the collection, you can get the details on a particular pair by clicking on them and scrolling down to the “additional information” section.

Where do I provide prescription information?

When shopping for Sperry prescription glasses, make sure that there’s an option to select “prescription lenses” at the top of the landing page for a pair that you’re interested in. We walk you through a process to collect your prescription information so that you get a pair (or two or more) that works for you.

Do you provide frame dimensions for these glasses?

We offer frame dimensions for every pair of glasses, including Sperry prescription sunglasses. Shopping online doesn’t afford the opportunity to try before you buy, so we offer complete dimensions for each pair. You can verify the frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width.

How do I sort through the various options?

One of the best way to find the perfect pair of Sperry glasses is to use our helpful filters. You can shop by product type, frame color, shape, rim, material, size and face shape to hone in on the right set of eyewear. We even let you filter results by certification to make sure that the glasses you’re browsing are actually suited for your use.

What if I order the wrong set of frames?

For most glasses, including Sperry glasses, you can return, replace or refund. You must request a refund within 10 days of receiving them and you have 2 weeks or 14 days to return them. The glasses must be in the same condition it was received. Return the pair in the original hard cover case and cloth with the original reference number and tracking code.


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