Prescription Swimming Goggles

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You don’t have to sacrifice your ability to see clearly to protect your eyes while swimming. Prescription swimming goggles are available with custom spherical prescription lenses or step diopters that provide vision correction sufficient for wear in and around water. Decide whether a custom prescription or goggles with lenses that have a similar diopter strength offer the best balance of affordability and the ability to see clearly underwater.

Corrective Swimming Goggles

Pool swimmers may need to see distance indicators marked on the bottom, flags overhead or a nearby interval timer. Clear vision is also essential for safety while swimming in natural bodies of water. Wearing contact lenses under goggles can increase risks of bacterial contamination that may cause eye infection or irritation and an increased risk of corneal ulcers. Putting goggles on over glasses can be uncomfortable, unsafe and potentially compromise the condition of your primary eyewear.

Prescription goggles are the best vision correction solution for wearing in water. Custom swimming goggles with an exact prescription can be costly. Goggles with step diopter corrective lenses near the lens power of your prescription are more affordable. Negative diopter lenses correct nearsighted or myopic vision, while positive diopter lenses are for farsightedness.

Get the Best Fit

It is important to select prescription swimming goggles in a size that fits your face. Custom goggles can be sized to provide an optimal fit. Pre-made designs may come with several removable nose pieces to provide options for increased comfort. Adjust the head straps to achieve the most secure fit.

Keep in mind that the design of the gaskets that surround each spherical lens will determine the extent of your field of vision. Some gasket frames may limit peripheral vision. Whether you choose to invest in a pair for custom corrective swimming goggles or pick up a pair of goggles with step diopter lenses, there are a variety of options in terms of goggle designs.