Prescription Aviator Sunglasses

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Some styles of sunglasses are synonymous with the idea of being cool. Prescription aviator sunglasses boast such a design. Worn by pilots, police officers, and celebrities alike, it is hard to deny the classic appeal of this eyewear option. Prescription aviators are much larger than the average pair of sunglasses, with the lenses elongated and curved to block direct sunlight from reaching the eye from every possible angle. This exaggerated size also adds a sense of mystery to the person wearing the glasses, which has added to the appeal of the style in popular culture.

The History of Aviators

Prescription mirrored aviator sunglasses have a rich history. The glasses were initially designed for use by pilots in the military. Up until 1936, pilots utilized thick goggles in order to protect their eyes while flying. The trouble with this was how cumbersome and obstructive the goggles tended to be. Aviators were created to be lightweight and functional, with a reflective surface that greatly reduced how much sunlight made it to the pilot’s eyes. Decades later, the aviators feature the same great style and are popular with both pilots and everyday people alike.

Style and Substance

Though lightweight and stylish, prescription aviator sunglasses are anything but superficial. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a great eyewear option to consider. The lenses help to prevent direct exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays, which studies show can be damaging to the eyes over prolonged periods of time. Whether you’re someone who loves to spend the weekends taking advantage of the great outdoors or you find yourself under the sun on a daily basis for your job, a pair of aviators are a great fit to protect your eyes and boost your sense of style.

Prescription Aviator Sunglasses FAQs

Can I Get Aviators With a Prescription?

You can absolutely get prescription aviators! People who rely on glasses to see often run into an obstacle when it comes to putting on sunglasses. Having aviators fitted with lenses that match your prescription makes it a lot easier to toss on sunglasses as you run out the door on a sunny day without negatively impacting your ability to see.

Why Are Aviators Popular?

The design of aviators makes them appealing to most people, but it isn’t the only reason this eyewear option is so popular. The glasses are also typically worn by respected individuals like pilots and movie stars, which lends to the appeal and has kept the style so popular for so long.

Why Do Pilots Wear Aviators?

Initially, pilots wore aviators because previous goggle designs did not provide the same level of protection against sunlight. Since first being introduced in 1936, pilots around the world have continued to wear aviators for the protection and style offered by the lightweight glasses.

What’s the Best Time To Wear Aviators?

According to experts, sunglasses should be worn whenever you plan on being outside for an extended period of time or when the sun seems particularly strong. Aviators shield the eyes from direct exposure to UV rays, so putting your pair on before leaving the house is a wise precautionary move.

How Do I Select the Best Sunglasses?

Face shape directly impacts what sunglass styles look best on you. With aviators, some people believe a heart-shaped face complements the style of the glasses best. Still, most people can pull off aviators and face shape shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if you love the look.

There’s no need to sacrifice substance for style when it comes to prescription aviator sunglasses. The design of the lenses shields your eyes from direct sunlight while the lightweight and durable frames give you a uniquely hip aesthetic. To find the best pair for you, take time to explore the extensive selection available at Marvel Optics. Discover aviators you adore and get ready to look like the pinnacle of cool the next time you head outdoors.


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