Prescription Square Sunglasses

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Square sunglasses provide a flattering fit for oval or rounded face shapes. Some square frames with rounded lower portions may also be suitable for heart-shaped or triangular faces. Prescription square sunglasses offer a close fit without wrapping around the face, which minimizes distortion. Find out more about what makes this frame shape a popular choice for sun protection.

Structured Square Frames

Square frames always make a statement. This timeless design never goes out of style, making square prescription sunglasses a reliable option. Square-shaped frames and lenses flatter almost every rounded face shape. Variations with more pronounced endpieces or rounded frame bottoms may suit contoured or angular faces. These glasses are ideal for casual, everyday wear. Square sunglasses provide less protection from ultraviolet rays or impact than wider rectangular lenses that wrap around the face.

Choose from plastic or metal square frames. Plastic frames are a good choice for higher power prescriptions and may be available in more colors. These glasses tend to feature the same shade or pattern on frame fronts, interiors, and temples. Designs with curved lower portions often feature a slight flare on the endpieces to direct attention upward toward the eyes and browbone.

Versatile Sunglasses Styles

Square glasses are a great choice for daily wear. It’s hard to beat this design while spending time outside or driving. Keep in mind that prescription square sunglasses will not conform to your face as closely as rectangular lenses. This may make square frames and lenses less suitable for high-intensity sports or activities on water, snow or other surfaces that reflect glare.

Square frame designs and lenses flatter many face shapes. Square frames and lenses can be a better choice for a wider face than rectangular glasses. As long as the measurements of a particular pair of frames are compatible with a wearer’s face and the pupillary distance matches their eyes, visual distortion should not be an issue with square sunglasses.

Prescription Square Sunglasses FAQs

What materials are used for square frames?

Metal or plastic are both used for prescription square sunglasses frame designs. Plastic frames tend to come in more colors or patterns than metal frames for sunglasses. While both materials are durable, plastics such as cellulose acetate, epoxy resin, propionate and nylon may be more affordable than high-quality metal frames.

Which face shapes do square frames flatter?

Curved face shapes such as oval or round look best in square sunglasses. The structured shape of the lenses also provides a balance for features on these faces. Face shapes that are more square or angular can appear harsh or simply not be flattered by eyewear with this lens shape.

Are sports sunglasses available with square frames?

Square prescription sunglass frames are a popular choice for athletic eyewear. This frame shape may have a lower profile than rectangular or round lenses. The field of peripheral vision offered by square lenses is more limited than rectangular lenses, which could be a deciding factor for eyewear for certain sports.

What types of lenses are suitable for square frames?

Many plastic lenses can be paired with square frames. Depending on the style of wear, CR39, high-index or polycarbonate plastic lenses may be preferable. The compatibility of a high-power prescription may vary based on frame materials. Plastic frames tend to support a wider range of lens thicknesses than metal frames.

Which lens tints are available for prescription square sunglasses?

Choose from a large selection of tints for eyewear with prescription single vision or multifocal lenses. Standard and gradient tinting are options for most frames in shades such as gray, brown, yellow, blue, green, purple or red. A choice of polarized or polarized mirror tinted lenses may also be available.


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