Prescription Rectangle Sunglasses

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Prescription rectangle sunglasses are among the most popular shapes for sunglasses frames and lenses. This eyewear offers a wider visual field with more sun protection than other sunglasses shapes. Rectangular glasses can be a perfect choice for wearers with round or heart-shaped faces. Even more angular diamond or triangular face shapes may be flattered by the right size and material of this eyewear style.

Flattering Rectangle Frames

The number of frames available for rectangle prescription glasses surpasses most other frame shapes. These glasses are suitable for a broad range of face shapes, from curved round or oval faces to the more contoured heart or diamond faces. When rectangle sunglasses are sized properly, this eyewear is even more likely to flatter all of these faces and even a few other shapes.

Get the best-looking fit by considering sunglasses frame materials in addition to the shape. Rectangular plastic and metal frames are both durable and provide unique benefits. The fit of metal frames may be slightly more adjustable, while plastic frames tend to come in a wider assortment of colors and patterns. Plastic frames may also be a better choice for high-power corrective lenses.

More Peripheral Protection

Almost any prescription sunglasses rectangle frame allows for a wider field of vision and provides more protection from exposure to ambient light or impact that other sunglasses shapes. Square, round and other common lens shapes can admit light around the edges that the extended profile of rectangular lenses keeps out. If you select impact-rated frames and lenses, rectangle sunglasses also provide more complete physical protection for eyes.

One factor to keep in mind when considering these glasses is the possibility of distortion. Glasses with a close-fitting base curve that are designed to wrap around the face may run the risk of causing visual distortion. Make sure that all of the frame measurements, including the pupillary distance, match the wearer’s face and eyes.

Prescription Rectangle Sunglasses FAQs

What are the best face shapes for prescription rectangle sunglasses?

Eyewear with rectangular-shaped lenses is most flattering for diamond, heart, round or oval faces. Broader face shapes may not be as flattered by these frames. Depending on the contouring of the upper and lower frames, these lenses can be ideal for extending peripheral vision and providing more complete eye protection.

What are the benefits of rectangle frames?

Rectangular frames provide a broader field of vision and more coverage for the eye area. If you need peripheral vision for sports or while driving, this lens shape can be the best option. In addition to blocking more ambient light, shatterproof rectangular lenses also provide more physical protection from impact.

Which types of lenses are suitable for rectangle frames?

Plastic lenses are the most common material in any shape. Prescription frame rectangle sunglasses may have CR39 or high-index plastic lenses or more durable polycarbonate lenses rated for impact. Any plastic is more durable and lightweight than crown glass, making this material a better choice for active or casual wear.

Are sports sunglasses available with rectangle frames?

Frames with rectangular lenses are a popular choice for sports and safety sunglasses. This lens shape extends the wearer’s field of peripheral vision further than other shapes, such as square lenses. Rectangle sunglasses can also provide more complete coverage from impact, particularly if the frames and lenses are safety rated.

Are rectangle frames a good choice for high RX lenses?

The base curve of a particular pair of frames determines how suitable eyewear is for wearers who have high-power prescriptions. Prescription rectangle sunglasses that wrap around the face may distort vision. Make sure to carefully check frame measurements for a good fit and don’t forget to factor in pupillary distance.


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