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While quality eyewear is typically meant to enhance your ability to see, there are plenty of cases where glasses are worn for less practical reasons. In fact, there are times when the choice is more of a fashion statement than anything else. This is especially the case when it comes to hipster sunglasses and eyeglasses. While glasses have always had a fashionable element to them, the hipster movement has totally transformed the idea of putting on a pair of glasses. If you’re intrigued by this style, you may want to learn more about the fad.

What Are Hipsters?

Hipster is the name given to people who are obsessed with the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, and music. Most hipsters like to say “I liked this before it was cool,” in order to prove how fashionable and cool they are. When new trends aren’t appealing, hipsters will often scour vintage shops to find retro sunglasses and other unique items that are not found elsewhere. Most modern hipster glasses are designed to reflect a mix of vintage styles and modern trends. The main feature of all hipster glasses is that they are meant to stand out.

Glasses That Make a Statement

To the average hipster, the point of wearing glasses is to be noticed. The glasses are meant to be a conversation piece, an excuse to talk about styles or brands with someone in the know. While there is not one specific style when it comes to hipster sunglasses, options tend to feature similar elements like thick frames, interesting design flares, and unique quirks. In many hipsters wear frames without lenses. The idea here is that the frames are cool enough to wear, but the person doesn’t actually need glasses to see.

Hipster / Retro / Geek Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Why Do Hipsters Wear Glasses?

There are many reasons why hipsters wear glasses. More often than not, it is because hipsters are obsessed with fashion and vintage eyeglasses offer a number of exciting ways to create a unique look. Hipsters almost always wear glasses for fashion rather than function, though the concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.

What Glasses Are in Fashion Right Now?

Current trends for hipster glasses include Wayfarers, a classic type of frame that has been worn in artistic and prolific circles for generations. Additionally, glasses featuring thick, black frames with square edges like the kind worn by legendary singer Buddy Holly are consistently popular amongst hip crowds.

How Do I Select Funky Glasses?

Picking the right pair of hipster glasses comes down to several factors. Your face shape should always be taken into consideration. For example, an oval face allows you to wear almost any style. A square face shape, meanwhile, looks best when fitted with glasses that feature rounded edges instead of angular corners.

Can Men and Women Wear Hipster Glasses?

The beauty of most hipster sunglasses is the styles are designed to be somewhat unisex. This is especially true of the models released over the last few years. While the size and shape of your head should be considered when selecting a pair, your gender does not have any impact on whether the glasses are appropriate.

Do Hipster Glasses Work With Prescriptions?

While it is true that many hipsters wear frames without lenses, you don’t have to adhere to this trend. In fact, it is entirely possible for you to select a pair of vintage frames that match the hipster style and have them fitted with lenses that match your unique prescription.

Picking the most appropriate pair of sunglasses for your lifestyle can take time. If hipster sunglasses are appealing to you, give yourself a chance to explore the selection available at Marvel Optics to get a better feel for style choices. When you’re looking to truly make a splash with your fashion sense, glasses can do wonders. Find a style you absolutely adore and discover how you can use the hipster trend to your advantage.


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