Prescription Geometric Sunglasses

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If you need corrective lenses, investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses can help you see clearly even in bright sunlight. They are significantly easier to use than having to put in contact lenses to wear regular sunglasses. Prescription geometric sunglasses feature geometric frames and a variety of UV-protection features and tint options.

The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses

You likely know that the sun’s rays can harm your skin and cause cancer. The same UV radiation can also be very harmful to our eyes.

If the sun is too bright and hurts your eyes, you need to be wearing sunglasses. Furthermore, the sun’s rays can bounce off of surfaces and also cause harm. For example, if you ever go skiing or snowboarding, you are likely familiar with how bright the sun can be reflecting off the snow.

Your vision is not worth risking. Get some prescription sunglasses that you love and wear them wherever you are out in the sun. You’ll be glad you did.

Customization Options

When you order your prescription geometric sunglasses from Marvel Optics, you will have a wide array of customization options to choose from. When you have found a pair of frames you love, choose the “Customize Lens” option.

You can choose whether you will have progressive, multifocal or single-vision lenses. We also offer readers to people who need help with reading text near their faces.

After this, you can choose whether to get our premium digital HD lenses and whether you want tinting. For extra protection from the sun, select polarized sunglasses.

We also offer helpful coatings and treatments such as UV-protection, anti-scratch, anti-reflection and more. You can choose between standard, polycarbonate, and thin lenses. Our goal is to offer you more options so you will love your new glasses.

Don’t risk your eye health by going in the sun without proper protection. Explore the Marvel Optics catalog of geometric sunglasses today and find the right pair for you.

Prescription Geometric Sunglasses FAQs

What Are Geometric Sunglasses?

Geometric glasses are a category of frame shapes. They are relatively wide and feature frames inspired by familiar geometric shapes. For example, rectangular frames fall into this category. At Marvel Optics, we have a selection of geometric frames, all of which can be fitted with sunglass lenses.

Will Prescription Geometric Sunglasses Fit My Face?

This depends on your face shape. Typically, geometric frames tend to fit people with round or heart-shaped faces better. You can follow our helpful guide to choosing frames based on face shape. This provides tips on determining your face shape and which frame styles will likely look good on you.

How Do I Select the Right Size Glasses?

The simplest way to determine the correct size for your prescription geometric sunglass frames is to find a pair of glasses that already fit. If you wear corrective lenses, simply look at the sizing on the temple. All our product pages include the dimensions of frames. Here is a helpful guide for sizing your glasses.

How Do I Enter My Prescription?

When you select a pair of frames that you like, choose the “Prescription Lens” option on the product page. Then, select “Customize Lens.” Once you have chosen all your lens options, you will select whether you want to enter, upload or send your prescription information. Learn more about our interactive prescription card here.

Should I Get Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized lenses offer superior protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They have very small gaps in them that only allow similarly aligned rays through. This cuts down on the amount of UV radiation reaching your eyes significantly. Consider polarization if you expect to be out in the bright sun often.


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