Prescription Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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Protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays by wearing prescription cat-eye sunglasses. This timeless frame style was introduced in the 1930s, and the original design featured a prominent browline that tapered up toward the endpieces and temples. Modern versions of these frames tend to have subtle contours, larger lenses and stylistic elements along with the top bar and endpieces. Frame and lens colors and shape may vary, but cat-eye glasses are typically made of plastic.

Trend-Setting Frames

Cat-eye frames were introduced during the 1930s around the same time as horn-rimmed glasses. The cat-eye style was modified overtime to keep up with trends in frame and lens shapes and has remained a style statement for nearly a century. The latest cat-eye prescription sunglasses often have larger lenses than the traditional frames and less extravagant endpieces. These updates allow for a wider field of vision and improved peripheral vision.

Most cat-eye frames are still made of plastic and feature stylish touches such as contrasting colors on the lens front and interiors or temples. These frames are also available in several patterns. Browse the latest styles to find the right frame design for your face shape and sense of style.

Tinted Prescription Lenses

Once you have chosen your favorite frames, continue to customize a pair of prescription cat-eye sunglasses by entering your diopters for corrective lenses and choosing between the available lens tints and finishes. Many plastic frames in this shape are compatible with high-power prescription lenses.

Corrective cat-eye glasses may be available with single vision, multifocal or reading lenses. Standard and gradient tints may be available in shades such as gray, brown, green, blue, yellow, red and purple. The right tint for your lifestyle may preserve true colors or enhance your ability to perceive contrast in addition to adding personalized flair. Polarized lenses with grey, green or brown tint designed to eliminate glare may also be an option for these frames.

Prescription Cat-Eye Sunglasses FAQs

How do cat-eye glasses differ from other styles?

Cat eye sunglasses are more stylized than standard oval-shaped lenses. These glasses often feature a stylized top bar and upswept endpieces. This vintage style is often considered a more feminine version of browline frames. Unlike classic plastic and metal browlines, these frames tend to be made entirely out of plastic.

Which face shapes do cat-eye glasses shapes flatter?

The classic winged profile of cat-eye glasses can balance a square or triangular face. Rounder lenses are better suited for a diamond-shaped or triangular face. Whether you prefer vintage-style frames or a modern take on the cat-eye design, variations on this frame style provide flattering designs for most face shapes.

Are high RX lenses available for cat-eye frames?

Most cat-eye frames are made out of plastic, a material that is better able to accommodate high-power prescriptions than metal. The range of available diopters and powers depend on the frame base curve. Check to see whether a particular style of prescription cat-eye sunglasses is compatible with high RX lenses.

What materials are used in cat-eye frames?

Cat-eye frames are almost always made of plastic, as this material allows for the widest range of colors and patterns. These glasses may also feature some metal components or accents. Frame fronts and temples may match in color or accents may be showcased at the temples or on the interior.

What type of lenses are available for cat-eye glasses?

The range of diopters, powers and tints depends on your choice of frames. Most cat-eye sunglasses can be ordered with single-vision, multifocal or reading lenses and are suitable for high RX lenses. Standard, gradient or polarized polarized cat eye sunglasses may have options for digital high-definition or standard lens finishes.


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