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With innovative technologies and superior protection, Wiley X is truly one of the most reputable brands in the market. Only the best materials are used in the making of WileyX prescription eyewear, which includes patented Selenite polycarbonate lenses and Triloid nylon frames. These glasses can withstand some serious impact and provide you with the clarity you need to perform your best.

Protective Glasses for a Variety of Applications

Wiley X began as a company with the mission of supplying superior protective eyewear for military use, and it has not strayed from this goal. However, it since branched out by providing high-quality prescription WileyX eyewear for many different applications. You’ll struggle to find any glasses that compare with Wiley X when it comes to eyewear designed to support an active lifestyle. All Wiley X glasses are crafted to meet ANSI Z78.1 standards, so you can keep your eyes safe no matter the activity. Filter 8 polarized lenses effectively reduce glare and enhance clarity when you’re near the water or other reflective surfaces. Soft foam facial cavity seals on some models keep debris and wind out of your eyes, a valuable feature to have when cycling or riding a motorcycle.

Premium Eyewear at an Affordable Price

While first-rate eyewear typically comes at a higher price tag, Marvel Optics offers the best deals you can find on prescription WileyX eyewear. Find the Wiley X Saint and other premium glasses for the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. With high-performance models less than $60, you’ll never need to settle for eyewear that is anything less than the finest. Whether you are looking for a quality pair of hunting glasses, motorcycle glasses, military glasses or just a fashionable pair of sunglasses, your new Wiley X glasses will offer superior protection and comfort.

Prescription WileyX™️ Eyewear FAQs

Are Wiley X Sunglasses Compliant With Safety Standards?

All performance Wiley X glasses meet safety standards for their category. Youth Force glasses meet the ASTM F803 standards for protective sports eyewear, and all other models meet or exceed the highest ANSI Z87.1 standards. Several products meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) VO Ballistic Impact standards, making them fit for military use.

What Makes Wiley X Unique?

Wiley X glasses offer unbeatable protection and a wide selection of eyewear for a variety of activities. They offer rugged eyewear that provides protection in the harshest conditions. Prescription WileyX eyewear is known for many notable features including:

  • Durable nylon frames
  • Selenite polycarbonate lenses
  • Filter 8 polarized lenses
  • Facial cavity seal
  • Top-down ventilation

In What Location Are Wiley X Glasses Made?

Wiley X originally was developed in the United States and continues to run a majority of its operations from Livermore, California. They have their own lab on-site where they create their innovative eyewear, and they opened a second office in Vemb, Denmark in 2007 to better sell their products around the world.

What Kind of Sunglsses Does Bradley Cooper Wear in the Movie American Sniper?

The choice for Bradley Cooper to wear Wiley X Saint sunglasses in the American Sniper was not coincidental. These Wiley X prescription glasses won the 2018 Best Safety Glasses award at the REXYs. They are OSHA-qualified, meet ANSI Z87.1 standards, and meet both the GL-PD MCEP and MIL-PRF-31013 Ballistic standards. This eyewear is fit for both every day and professional use.

Who Makes Wiley X Sunglasses?

Wiley X is a family-owned, privately-owned company in Livermore with over 120 team members. Wiley X has been in the family since 1987 when veteran Myles Freeman Sr. decided he wanted to create eyewear specifically designed for military use. His sons Dan Freeman and Myles Freeman Jr. continued to grow the company in the years following and still own the company today.


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