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Wiley X makes safety glasses for active and occupational wear. Many styles feature innovative materials such as durable Triloid nylon and shatterproof Selenite lenses with the option for prescription lenses. Wiley X safety glasses meet the requirements for the American National Standards Institute Z87.1 standard and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for eye and face protection.

Proven Eye Protection

Wiley X was founded in 1987 as a brand of tactical eyewear. The company’s origins are still evident in the rigorous testing that frames and lenses undergo for industry-leading safety standards. The full line of safety glasses meets ANSI Z87.1 high mass impact and high-velocity requirements. These ratings are based on tests that involve dropping a 1.1 pound pointed weight on frames and lenses from a height of 50 inches and impact from a steel ball with a quarter-inch diameter moving at 150 feet per second.

Selected styles of Wiley X safety eyewear satisfy OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards when worn with side shields. Some frames come with removable WorkSight side shields and can be customized with permanent shields. Wiley X also makes frames and lenses that meet requirements for the U.S. military MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standard.

Stylish Frame Styles

Safety glasses by Wiley X unite eye protection with style. Wiley X safety frames range from standard rectangular shapes to sporty styles that wrap around the wearer’s face. For the most flattering fit, consider which frame styles correspond to your face shape and provide the protection necessary for athletic or occupational wear.

Wiley X prescription safety glasses can be fitted with lenses suitable for most diopters and powers. Some styles indicate a range of compatible strengths. The base curve and material of frames determine the thickness of lenses that can be paired and still meet safety requirements. If you require vision correction, check to make sure that the frames you are considering are suitable for Wiley X RX safety glasses.

Wiley X Safety Glasses FAQs

Are Wiley X glasses safety rated?

Most safety glasses made by Wiley X meet ANSI Z87.1 high velocity and high mass impact standards. Side shields may bring this eyewear into compliance with U.S. federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards. Some styles also meet the U.S. military MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic resistance standard.

Do Wiley X safety glasses come with side shields?

Some safety glasses made by Wiley X come with removable WorkSight side shields. Other styles offer options for removable or permanent shields. Side shields may bring glasses into compliance with safety standards, such as regulations set by OSHA. Check to see whether your favorite frames are compatible with side shields.

What are the features of Wiley X safety eyewear?

Wiley X safety eyewear protects eyes from impact hazards with durable Triloid nylon frames and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Most frames are compatible with a wide range of prescriptions. Corrective or standard lenses protect wearers’s eyes from UV rays. Some styles come with removable side shields or a Facial Cavity seal.

What materials does Wiley X use in safety glasses frames?

Many Wiley X frames are made of Triloid, which is durable nylon. This material stands up to extreme stress without breaking or becoming distorted. Some styles combine metal front frames with Triloid nylon temples. Most Wiley X safety glasses pass ANSI Z87.1 high mass impact and high velocity testing.

Are Wiley X glasses tactical eyewear?

Wiley X was founded as a military eyewear company by a veteran, Myles Freeman Sr., in 1987. The brand’s eyewear was originally made to meet the demands of military wear. Some ballistic-rated styles are included on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List. Other frames are suitable for athletic or occupational wear.


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