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Wiley X sunglasses are designed to protect eyes from ultraviolet light and impact hazards. The brand offers an extensive selection of styles for sports and on-the-job wear. Choose a frame style to determine the available lens tints. Wiley X eyewear can also be customized with prescription lenses.

Sleek and Strong Frames

Wiley X makes sunglasses with a variety of frame shapes. Choosing the right frame shape for your face allows for a more comfortable and flattering fit. Most of the brand’s sunglasses feature lightweight plastic frames and durable lenses that either meet or exceed the American National Standards Institute’s Z87.1 standards for protection from high mass and high-velocity impact.

Select the right frames for any activity by factoring the size, shape, materials, and measurements of any frame. Many styles can be fitted with corrective lenses for Wiley X prescription sunglasses. Sports sunglasses feature lightweight frames that provide a secure fit during activities. Casual lifestyle sunglasses are a versatile choice suitable for daily wear and a variety of activities.

Lenses for Your Lifestyle

The lenses in Wiley X eyewear can make certain styles of sunglasses better choices for particular activities. Factor in the percentage of visual light transmission as well as the color of the tint. Preserve color accuracy with smoke gray lenses or reduce glare with amber, brown, bronze, or green tints. Polarized and mirrored lenses that reduce even more glare are available in shades such as blue, gold, and green. These lens treatments are ideal for sunglasses that will be worn in reflective surroundings such as water or snow.

When comparing Wiley X frames, check to see which lenses are available for each style. Some frames are paired with certain lens tints or finishes. More options may be available when customizing Wiley X RX sunglasses. Standard tints that block some visual light and glare while preserving color accuracy or increasing contrast may be sufficient for casual wear. Polarized and mirrored lenses are helpful for eyewear intended for sports or occupational wear.

Wiley X Sunglasses FAQs

Who makes Wiley X sunglasses?

Wiley X is a privately-held company based in Livermore, California. The protective eyewear brand was founded in 1987 by Myles Freeman Sr., a U.S. army veteran, and is currently operated by his sons, Dan Freeman and Myles Freeman Jr. Wiley X has a European office located in Vemb, Denmark.

How do Wiley X glasses provide eye protection?

Wiley X glasses combine durable frame materials with shatterproof lenses. This eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high mass impact and high velocity impact. Some frames have removable side shields or facial cavity seals. The lenses in Wiley X glasses protect wearers’ eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Are Wiley X frames suitable for sports?

Many styles of sunglasses made by Wiley X are ideal for wearing during athletic activities. The frames of sports sunglasses are typically made of lightweight materials and designed to wrap around the wearer’s face. Frames may be customized with tinted, polarized or mirrored lenses to enhance vision for specific applications.

Which safety ratings apply to Wiley X glasses?

Most Wiley X sunglasses meet ANSI Z87.1 high impact and high velocity standards. Sunglasses intended for wear on a job site may also need to satisfy the U.S. federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standard. Eyewear for hunting or shooting should meet MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic resistance requirements.

Are Wiley X lenses polarized?

Wiley X polarized sunglasses are available in selected styles. Start by selecting a frame style with either prescription or standard lenses. If you want sunglasses with polarized lenses, make sure this option is available for the selected frames and lenses. Polarized lenses may not be an option for certain frames.


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