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Picking an appropriate pair of sunglasses to suit your lifestyle is not always the easiest of decisions. There are a ton of different styles and brands to select from and each offers a unique set of pros and cons. In many cases, it can be useful to go with a brand that has a reputation for quality products built to last. Wiley X glasses are such an option, with eyewear from this brand being used regularly in demanding scenarios by the military and other organizations. If you need durable and reliable glasses, this is definitely a brand worth your time.

Tested To Guarantee Durability

One of the best ways to ensure quality with your Wiley X safety glasses is by looking for the ANSI rating. Eyewear designed by Wiley X must go through rigorous testing conducted by the American National Standards Institute in order to guarantee that the glasses are strong enough to withstand sudden impacts and the many challenges faced by members of the military in a variety of high-pressure situations. When you see a label stating that Wiley X prescription safety glasses have been ANSI approved, it means you can feel confident that your investment will live up to the hype.

Designed With Safety in Mind

Wiley X prescription glasses are also noteworthy because they are designed with key features to improve the overall experience. Shatterproof lenses made from impact-resistant material like selenite polycarbonate help to provide enhanced protection for longer periods of time. Additionally, the frames are known to be sturdy and will not break from common incidents like dropping the glasses or taking a sudden hit to the face while engaged with physical activities. These enhanced safety features help to boost the quality of the eyewear and deliver an experience that is hard to beat.

Wiley X Glasses FAQs

What Is Tactical Eyewear?

Tactical eyewear such as Wiley X glasses are designed to offer protection in an array of scenarios common to military operations. Ballistic eyewear are comprised of materials that enhance protection and reduce the odds of a common accident destroying the eyewear or causing it to take on any substantial damage.

What Glasses Are Used by the Military?

Members of the military are only allowed to wear clothing and accessories that has been approved by the branch in which they operate. One brand trusted throughout the military is Wiley X. From the soldiers defending home on foreign shores to the Hollywood actors portraying these brave souls, Wiley X is tightly connected to the military.

Can Glasses Improve My Fishing Experience?

Outdoor activities like fishing can be difficult on a bright and sunny day. Sunlight that bounces off the water can create issues with your ability to see and cause frustrating disruptions when you’re trying to relax and catch some fish. Tactical glasses with polarized lenses can be incredibly useful in reducing light obstructions.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarization is a treatment that can be applied to eyewear. The treatment helps to reduce the glare and other visual noise created when light reflects off of surfaces like glass, snow, and water. Polarized lenses provide clarity and take a great amount of pressure off of the eyes, reducing the odds of injury from straining.

How Can I Pick the Right Glasses for Me?

Selecting the best Wiley X glasses for your face comes down to a few key factors. The goal is to pick eyewear that will feel comfortable without being too loose. You also want your glasses to enhance your appearance instead of distract from it. To do this, consider the shape of your face. Using the unique shape of your face to select your glasses will help you find a pair that fit best and complement the natural structure of your face.


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