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Many people around the world trust Nike for great sports equipment. Everywhere, the Nike check mark is a sign of reliable and stylish sports apparel. In the same way, Nike glasses are your go to for both trendy and great equipment. Order from Marvel Optic and you can get Nike prescription sports glasses customized for you, along with other great features.

The Latest Styles

It is often frustrating shopping for glasses because you cannot find the right style. If you live an active lifestyle or want glasses specifically for playing sports, who knows if a retailer will have good options available. Marvel Optics has all the latest Nike prescription sports glasses ready to be customized with your prescription. If you prefer sleek, thin framed glasses, Nike has many different frames in this style. Or, if you like larger, more modern looking glasses, you will find a lot of great options from Nike.

Finding Great Glasses for Sports

If you are enthusiastic about your sport, you tend to care a lot about the equipment you buy. Your glasses should get the same attention. Think about how important your eyesight is to your game and your performance and you will have to agree. No matter which sports you prefer, Nike sports glasses are built to be reliable and strong. Check out what activities each pair is suggested for to get a better idea.

Customization Options

Your Nike prescription sports glasses are ready to be customized with your prescription at Marvel Optics. Simply follow the step by step customization process and add your information. You will also be able to add many different features to your glasses, like digital screen protection or your preferred tint for Nike sport sunglasses. There are also great safety features for your glasses, like anti-scratch or anti-fog technology.


What kind of lenses are available with Nike prescription sports glasses?

You can get single vision, multi-focal, reader or non-prescription lenses with your glasses. For the prescription glasses, you can choose premium digital lens (HD) which feature the most cutting edge technology for the clearest optics. For multi-focal prescriptions, you can choose between progressive and bifocal lenses.

What is digital screen protection?

Digital screen protection is a special type of lens offered from Marvel Optics. These filter out the blue light emitted by screens like computer and smartphones. This comforts your eyes and reduces strain by exposing them to fewer of these harmful rays.

How will I know if my Nike sports glasses will fit my face?

For each pair of glasses, we provide a helpful guide with each dimension of the frames: frame width, temple length, lens width, lens height and bridge width. Compare these measurements with your own to get a good idea of their fit. If you are unsure if a pair of glasses will look good on your face, consult our helpful guide on selecting the right type of frames.

What is pupillary distance (PD) and how do I measure it?

Pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils while looking straight ahead. This information may be available on your prescription, but if it isn’t you can measure it at home. It is helpful to have someone else measure for you, but you can do it yourself. Follow our helpful guide to measure you PD accurately.

What safety features can I add to my Nike sports glasses?

When customizing your glasses you will be able to select a number of different safety features like the thickness of your lens, scratch protection, anti-reflective technology, UV protection, oil and fingerprint resistance, anti-fog (hydrophobic) coating or the all in one coating. You will be able to select exactly what features you need.


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