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Over the last few years, a number of reports have been released stating how dangerous sunlight can be to the integrity of the eye. Prolonged direct exposure over the course of a person’s life can easily lead to an array of serious conditions ranging from cataracts to macular degeneration. To prevent this, it can be useful to wear polarized prescription sunglasses. While all prescription sunglasses are designed to block sunlight from the eyes, prescription glasses fitted with polarized lenses are crafted to provide enhanced protection and improve the wearer’s ability to see in intense light conditions.

Polarized Lenses Reduce Glare

Polarized sunglasses are designed to specifically counter the effects of glare. If you are someone who enjoys to fish or spend time out on the open water, you likely understand how obstructive sunlight can be after it reflects off the surface of the water. Not only can it hurt the eyes when light reflects directly back at them, but it can also create a hazy glare that reduces overall clarity. Polarization treatment on lenses is aimed at filtering through this haze, providing a clear field of vision and reducing the overall impact of reflected light.

Sharp Images and Enhanced Protection

While polarized prescription sunglasses help to create a sharp image and reduce glare, there are other advantages. Those who are sensitive to light tend to get headaches or experience other frustrations when exposed to intense rays. Wearing lenses that have been polarized in these conditions can greatly reduce the odds of a person feeling discomfort due to the light levels. Whether you enjoy spending long hours on the beach or you find yourself squinting and straining your eyes while taking a walk outside, polarized lenses can improve the experience all around.

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Can Prescription Lenses Be Polarized?

Prescription lenses can definitely be polarized. Whether you’re looking to have old frames fitted with new lenses or you’d like existing lenses to be treated with a polarized coating, there are several ways to go about enhancing your current eyewear with polarization.

Are Polarized Lenses Expensive?

Polarized lenses are often a bit more expensive than traditional lenses. This is largely due to costs associated with the polarization treatment for the lenses. Though it can seem wise to opt for a less expensive option, it is actually an investment. In the long-term, polarization will protect your eyes and reduce the odds of certain expensive eye conditions developing later in your life.

Are There Disadvantages To Polarized Lenses?

While there are no direct drawbacks to wearing polarized lenses, some people suggest taking them off while looking at LCD screens. The polarization effect can make it difficult for the eye to perceive certain shapes and colors on screens using LCD tech. As with any sunglasses, wearing polarized glasses in low-light settings will make it difficult to see in general.

How Can I Pick the Right Glasses for My Face?

Determining the best type of eyewear for your needs comes down to your particular face shape. Take a moment to look over a simplified guide on how to use the shape of your face to select glasses and select a pair that makes you look fantastic. While shape can help, it shouldn’t dissuade you from investing in sunglasses that you love.

How Can I Improve My Polarized Lenses?

There are several ways to enhance your current polarized lenses. Anti-scratch coating can be very useful if you want to increase the longevity of your lenses. It is also possible to explore polarization with specific eyewear options like bifocals and transition lenses.

Protecting your eyes from the impact of the sun can be difficult when you don’t have the right eyewear. Polarized prescription sunglasses offer enhanced protection and improved vision. Explore the extensive selection of styles available at Marvel Optics and get a better idea of what pair of sunglasses will work best for you.


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