Man Wearing Bifocal Glasses

How To Guide

Bifocals are a very common type of eyewear for people of a certain age. This is largely due to the fact that eyesight often degrades over the course of a person’s life. Bifocal glasses and progressive glasses are invaluable because they offer two separate prescriptions in one. While bifocal eyeglasses help a person see nearby objects and text, there are still scenarios where adjusting to the glasses is easier said than done. Whether you require glasses for reading or another purpose, knowing how to adjust to the change on your own can be quite useful. Review these suggestions and learn more about how to properly adjust to your glasses. With a little research, you’ll find that making the switch is incredibly simple.

Consistency Is Key

The easiest way to adjust to your glasses is by wearing them consistently. Experts in the world of eyewear suggest that those looking to feel comfortable with bifocal options should wear the glasses all the time after first purchasing them. By exposing your eyes to the change in a consistent way, it helps your body to acclimate to how the world will look through the lenses. It might be somewhat disorienting at first, but you’ll find that things fall into place the more you allow yourself to wear the glasses through your everyday routine.

Look Ahead

The design of bifocal reading glasses is unique because it features two prescriptions in each lens. Unfortunately, this feature is also what can cause people confusion when first making the change to this type of eyewear. The trick is to not look down through the bifocals when you’re first wearing them. When you allow your gaze to fall into the range of the lens where the secondary prescription exists, it can cause you major confusion and disorientation.  Look ahead while moving through your daily activities and it can make a world of difference to your ability to adjust.

Find the Right Way

Since a large chunk of people require glasses for close-up activities like reading, adjusting to bifocals is all about tweaking the way you go about these actions. You might find that you can’t read in the exact same way you’re accustomed to. Experts suggest sitting with a book and holding it away from your face to varying angles. The trick is that you will need to move the book or reading material to improve how visible the letters and images are, as opposed to moving your head to compensate.


How Can I Order New Bifocal Glasses?

Ordering a new pair of bifocal glasses is absolutely simple. All you need to do to get your journey underway is explore the variety of styles and designs available at Marvel Optics. Review your options, place your order, and begin the adjustment process!

What Are Bifocals Used For?

Bifocals are used when an individual needs separate prescriptions for seeing both distant and nearby objects. Most adults will require bifocal corrective lenses at some point, as age tends to cause vision to diminish.

Can I Wear Bifocals While Driving?

You can definitely wear bifocals while driving! However, you want to feel comfortable in the new eyewear before you get behind the wheel. The last thing you want to do is hit the road when you haven’t had a chance to adust to how wearing these glasses will change your vision.

How Do I Know If I Need Bifocals?

On average, a person will learn that he or she requires bifocal lenses after visiting with a doctor or eye care specialist. Usually, the first signs involve an inability to clearly focus on nearby objects. More often than not, reading is an activity that will make a person realize there is something wrong.

Should I Wear Bifocals All the Time?

When first adjusting to your bifocal eyewear, it is a good idea to wear the glasses all the time. The more you wear the bifocal options, the easier it will be for your eyes to adjust and for you to feel comfortable in your new glasses.

Adjusting to a new pair of glasses can often feel like a big challenge in life. Thankfully, you can make the switch with ease when you follow the right steps. Explore the various options for bifocal glasses at Marvel Optics, discover a style you love, and commit to making the adjustment period as easy on your eyes as possible.